Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On Lawson's ankle injury:
"Everybody understands that we won't know until game time about Ty, but again, I don't feel really good about him playing."

On Duke:
"I think they're a lot better than they were last year. In fact, I think they're playing better basketball than anybody in the league right now, including us. That doesn't mean they're going to win on Wednesday night, because that's not the way the game is played, but I think they're playing better than anybody. Their chemistry is great. I think that Mike and his staff have done a great job…

"When you think about the fact that they lost their last four games of the season last year, that gives them a little extra incentive in the weight room, a little more incentive to shoot more shots in the offseason, [and] a little extra incentive for everybody to get together and change things. They've got tradition and they've got great pride, so I think that has really helped them with all of things off the court, with their focus on the court, with their concentration. They are more athletic. They've got more shooters than they had last year. I think they're a better all around team. They're playing better defense.

"I think Nolan Smith, Taylor King and Kyle Singler gives them some fresh and enthusiastic blood out there [and] all three have things that they do just a great job of. I thought Kyle Singler was the most complete big guy in the country last year. We tried to recruit him a great deal, and I just think he's sensational. Nolan Smith gives them the speed and quickness in the backcourt. Taylor King can shoot the ball with the range as well as any freshman in the entire country, but I do believe they're playing a lot better than they were last year."

On Bob Knight's sudden retirement:
"It's a shocker to me. I'm stunned by it. I think he's been great for college basketball. He's been great to Roy Williams. For the most part, he's treated me like one of his former assistants that have worked for him and he's just been sensational. I've played golf with him, [and] I've gone up and watched his team practice. The first time they came in at Texas Tech, Wanda made some brownies and I took the brownies over to his hotel room and the next night he came into the game and said, ‘Where's Wanda?' I pointed over to her, and he said, ‘Where the blank is my ice cream?' I'm dumbfounded. He's been a sensational person for me, and I'll say this – other than Dean Smith, the [person] that I've stolen most things from has been Bobby Knight. That ‘imitation is the most sincere form of flattery' statement really [holds true]."

On incoming freshman Tyler Zeller:
"Tyler Zeller is really having a big-time year. He's had at least three and maybe four games where he's scored 40 or more points in a high school game. He's shooting like 74 percent from the floor, and is just doing a great, great job. He's a 6-foot-11 youngster who can really run. He's got a great touch, and is going to get better and better, because physically, he's going to get a lot stronger, but needless to say, we're extremely happy to have him. He had a funny deal with me on the phone two weeks ago, he said, ‘Every time I shoot it, it keeps going in.' And I said, ‘Well then, try to do that for the next five or six years, and then we'd all be happy.' But he's really having a good year."

On Gerald Henderson's flagrant foul last season:
"It was something that happened last year. It was unfortunate that it happened. It was unfortunate to Tyler. He had to play the next three games at the ACC Tournament, and I if you look at his numbers, they were nowhere near what the youngster's done throughout his career. He had a broken nose from it. But it was last year's game. This is a different team, a different year and we're going to try to go out there and play as well as we can play. It will get some attention – the media keeps pushing it, and the TV people will keep pushing it, but it's not going to have anything to do with this year's game."

On any philosophy changes if Lawson doesn't play:
"We're still going to try to push the ball… We're going to try to play the same way and do the things we've worked on throughout the entire year. I don't really think that you can change for one game in the middle of the season. We still try to look throughout the entire season as a whole, and try to get ready to be the best team that we can possibly be at the end of the year."

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