UNC-Duke: Mike Krzyzewski Quotes & Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, who spoke to the media following No. 2 Duke's 89-78 victory over No. 3 North Carolina.

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Opening Remarks:
"Well it was a heck of a game. They are strong and Hansbrough is such a great player. I'm proud of our guys; we had such balance scoring. A number of our guys made big plays and it is hard to single out just one guy. This is a game where there are some many points where the game can go the other way. It just seemed like when it was going to turn one of our guys made a play.

"I thought it was Lance's best game. He really played well and got into double figures. Kyle, obviously, got a double-double as well. I thought DeMarcus' experience, in foul trouble the whole game and played most of the second half with four. To stay in the game we really needed his experience at the end. Obviously we are ecstatic about the win and we know we beat a heck of a team. We have to get rested and get ready for Saturday, that's the thing about the ACC you cannot celebrate too much."

On UNC cutting the lead to one point several times:
"I think the experience of having been in those situations in the conference, really in over half of our games we have been losing or just about to lose. It is tough to simulate those types of situations and you have to experience them. So far this year we have experienced them in a positive way and again your experiencing them today. Our team turned it into something positive, which is good toughness on our part."

On how special his team can be:
"Well they are pretty special right now for me. I mean they are 20-1 and 8-0. We know who we are; we are a very unconventional team. We are not a very strong physical team, but I think we are strong emotion wise and toughness; we are really a together group. You just have to hope that you don't get killed at some point in the game by somebody's strength.

"It is a tough team to impose your will, like a counter puncher you might win a round dancing around a little bit and then the threes we hit in the first half. You just find different ways to win and because we have versatile players they are able to do that thus far."

On perimeter defense:
"Our perimeter defense was good. They missed some open looks and so did we, it was a real hard fought game. That is why I think the free throw shooting by both of the teams is a little bit below of what we both normally do, a lot of times you change your routine. Guys were backing off the line and stuff like that. That one exchange from about eleven minutes to nine, if one team scored on their drives or our threes, but neither one did. I thought that tired both teams out a little bit."

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