UNC-Duke: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Marcus Ginyard, Tyler Hansbrough and Quentin Thomas, who spoke to the media following the 89-78 loss to Duke.

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Opening Remarks:
"I thought it was an extremely hard fought game. Both teams really wanted to play well, but their team played better than we did. They were the most disciplined team on the game tonight. The team that did the most of the little things won the game tonight. Whether it is shooting the ball in the hole or making free throws in the second half or getting a hand up on the outside shot--the team that won the game was the most disciplined. They did the best job doing what their coaching staff wanted them to do.

"I need to find someway, somehow, to get my team to the point where we do the little things that make the difference between winning or losing a basketball game. I do believe that Duke has all the ingredients. They have played sensational basketball all season. I think I read one of their comments at the end of the season was over last year with the four straight losses that they had great motivation all summer and the preseason.

"They have great chemistry. I am very impressed with their team. They were the most disciplined team. The team had the best coaching and they were the team that won the game. The good thing is, I told the team yesterday that if we won the game today that they weren't going to give us a trophy and stop the season and if they won the game they weren't going to give them the trophy and stop the season. We've got a lot of games left to play but we have got to play a lot better and find the little things--down the stretch, we get it to five and they miss two shots in a row and they get the rebound because we don't box out.

"One time we had two guys standing there and I think it was Gerald standing there, and he just laid it up. I have to do a better job getting my team to make plays and make all the little things happen for us."

On the decision on whether Ty would play:
"It was an easy decision. I told him if we had doubts about it I wasn't going to play him. I asked and he said, `I don't know' and the decision was that I wasn't going to play him. So it was pretty easy. He came to me and said, `I don't know' and he said he didn't feel good. So, I said he wasn't going to play."

On Duke's shooting:
"They got any shot they wanted. I don't know very many times tonight our defense dictated what shot they got. They had better spacing; they were more patient. I asked, and they thought I was kidding--it shows how poor of a coach I am, at one time out I told them I wanted a dunk or a 35 second shot clock violation. We didn't get either one of them."



On the poor free throw shooting down the stretch:
"We shoot free throws almost every day. So it's obviously something that everybody gets a lot of practice at. We've just got to be tougher and knock them down when it counts."

On correcting the defensive problems:
"We talked last week about creating more consistency on the defensive end. You have games where we've played great defense without giving the other teams anything easy, boxing out and not letting them get second shots. Then we have nights like tonight, where we don't have that same focus we allow them to get second shot opportunities and not guarding the ball well. We just have to get consistent. It's clear that this team has the capability and the potential to play great defense and it's just got to be the decision that we're going to do it each and every night."



The effect of not having Lawson:
"I don't think it was Ty's absence that lost us the game. We're North Carolina. We're a team and we can't rely on one guy. He definitely helps us, but we prepared without him. We came into this situation with preparation that we weren't going to have Ty."

It seemed like every time UNC went on a run, Duke answered:
"That's exactly it – that's the most frustrating thing. Just when we think we're going to get on a run, they came down and it seemed like they hit a three or had a big-time [score] for them in crucial situations that always stopped the run."

Deon Thompson said you guys not moving your feet was a determining factor in this loss:
"Definitely. That's what coach said after the game. It definitely showed. We're definitely going to have to work on that."


On Duke's shooting:
"Duke is a great team and they make shots. We didn't do what we supposed to do on the defensive end and we missed shots on offense and that happens. But, when you're not doing well on the offensive end, you still need to work hard and get stops on the defensive end and that's what we didn't do."

On how the team improves from here:
"We just get back in the gym and work hard. It's not the end of the season. Nobody would have won a trophy. We just go back to the drawing board and work hard and continue with the rest of the season."

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