Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
"It was a wild week for us, to say the least. We had a very, very disappointing loss against Duke. Duke really played well and Duke is really, really good, but yet it was disappointing for us [in] the fact that we lost the game, and in some ways very disappointing because of the way that we played… And then to come out yesterday against Clemson and to have to face so much adversity early and then to keep plugging and keep plugging, and then finally, down the stretch at the end, down 11 with [3:12] to play, we missed a shot and then got a rebound and scored there.

"But to come back like that and then to have Clemson hit a really tough 3-point shot and still to come back from that… [We] couldn't feel any better for the youngsters than we did after the game yesterday. And now, it's the ACC, fellas – turn right around in less than 24 hours after having that great comeback against Clemson, we've got to get on the bus and go to Virginia and play them tomorrow night."

On a timetable for Ty Lawson's return:
"I don't know that there is a timetable. I think we've just got to wait until he starts feeling better with it. The kid's not been hurt very often. Kids that haven't been hurt think that sometimes things have to be perfect before they come back, and that could be part of Tywon's deal, but at the same time, it still hurts. So we're just going to have to wait until it stops hurting."

About the last two games:
"Against Duke, we didn't play as well as we wanted to play but Duke played well and had a heck of a lot to do with how we played. And so I think yesterday started out, [and] I think there was some hangover from the Duke game, and I hated that, because we talked about that and tried to make sure we didn't have that. That might have been a little part of it, but more that anything, it's just that Clemson came out and was so much more aggressive early and I told our guys, ‘Let's just not be willing to step in there, we've got to jump in there,' and we weren't always able to do that the way we wanted to do. But I just loved our toughness down the stretch. I thought that was really something."

On Marcus Ginyard's right ankle sprain:
"I haven't seen him yet, I did speak to him. It's the other ankle. On one foot, he's got a condition they're trying to keep an eye on and he's got a bad toe, and then on the other foot now, he sprained his ankle, so he's got two bad wheels, but he said it was bothering him quite a bit. That's the reason I didn't go back with him last night. He missed a defensive assignment one time of what he was supposed to do – to set one of our traps – and I said, ‘My gosh, he must really be hurting, because Marcus never does that.' I spoke to him and he's going to come down and get some treatment. They did an X-ray at 10 a.m. this morning, but I haven't heard anything back, so I'm assuming everything's okay."

Do you anticipate any changes to give some guys extra rest against Virginia?
"[I] don't see it now, but then again, it could depend on as I said yesterday, if you're fourth point guard has got health problems, we've really got some problems, so that could change some things. But I don't foresee that happening, greatly because guys that didn't get in there didn't get in there for a reason – [they] haven't been playing well enough in practice to maybe get them in there."

On the difficulty in repeating as national champions:
"I think that it's always going to be very seldom that that happens. In both cases [Duke and Florida], you had a great team that just won a national championship and a lot of guys that decided to come back and try to do it again. I think it's even more amazing that Florida did it because of the culture that we're in that guys leave so much early for the NBA if they're that good. But I think in both of those scenarios, they weren't completely the same team, but it was basically the same core players for both of them and they knew what it took to get it done and they were able to do it again the second time. But it's awfully hard to imagine that happening very often."

Is flopping a necessity in drawing offensive charges?
"I've never thought that. I hate teams that just flop all of the time. If you see one of my guys flopping, then it's a guy that I'm really going to be ticked at. In 20 years as a head coach, I've never had anybody that other teams would talk about as a flopper."

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