UNC-UVa: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Marcus Ginyard, Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green, who spoke to the media following the 75-74 victory at Virginia.

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Opening remarks:
"We feel very fortunate. I have no problem in saying that. I do believe we made some plays, but with a five-point lead, they miss a shot, we do not get a box-out, and they get it and score. Some of those frustrating things happen in a game, but you have to give Virginia credit. To be 1-8 and to have us come in here and do the things they did. I thought that they were much more aggressive than we were, but I was really pleased with the contributions we got from a lot of guys. Tyler Hansbrough was something else again.

"They aimed their defense at him to say the least, but I think he was big for us. We have to get box-outs and crucial plays of the game. I thought Sean Singletary showed what a great player he was. We were trying to make sure that he did not get the three, so he drew two players to him and pitched to (Calvin) Baker, who made a big time shot. Sean made the play, though, because he drew two people to him, and that is what great players do; they make other people better.

"I feel for Dave Leitao. He is one of the true credits to the coaching profession. He is a true gentlemen and a good, good guy. You do not like to see anyone go through those kinds of things, and I have been there. Everybody thinks I have not, but my first year at Kansas I lost eight in a row. You go home at night and feel like your insides are turning out. You feel badly for such a good guy that is such a great person."

On Hansbrough's last shot:
"Well we like to think that it is a jump-hook, but it is not. Shotput, jump-hook, Hansbrough Special, whatever you want to call it, but our goal was to come down and spread and try and use clock and try and go in to him inside. We went to him inside and, needless to say, he delivered for us and made a big basket."

On the team's vanishing depth:
"Ty Lawson was our starting point guard, and we do not have him. Bobby Frasor was the first sub at the point guard early in the season and the first sub at the two, and we do not have him. Q (Quentin Thomas) gets three fouls early, and Marcus Ginyard sprained his ankle and then played the last twelve minutes of the Clemson game and toughed it out. He played the point for us for a long, long period. I am extremely proud of how tough our kids are. I am not extremely proud of how we handle the ball and those kinds of things, but that is a tough bunch of kids in that locker room."

On the team getting some rest this week:
"We have certainly had no rest. We lost last Wednesday to Duke, and I do not care what anyone says, that affects you. Then to get off to such a bad start Sunday and have to dig deep and end up winning the Clemson game after two overtimes. Then to turn around less than 48 hours later and play up here, we have to get some rest. Virginia Tech has a whole week to prepare for us. I would like to have a whole week, but we do not, and whatever we have, we have to take because we planned the schedule."



On this team's toughness:
"I feel good right now, but we've got to feel good the next game and the game after that. I've always talked about just coming out with consistent effort and tonight we definitely showed the heart and showed the toughness. But are we going to show that same toughness on Saturday afternoon? So what we're worrying about now is just keeping it rolling and not having a letdown the next game."

On deciding to play without his ankle brace:
"I told [them] that I wanted to play without the brace, because I felt like the brace was restricting me even more, so we just decided to put an extra layer of tape on and take the brace off, and I felt very comfortable out there."

How's the toe?
"My toe's great. I didn't tape it today, so I've got no more problems with the toe."



On the numerous injuries to the team:
"It's tough for us. We didn't know if Marcus [Ginyard] was going to play. It just showed some toughness for us. A lot of guys stepped up and I hope we will keep on playing this way whenever we get Marcus [Ginyard] 100 percent and Ty [Lawson] back."

On the quick turnaround after the Clemson game:
"It was hard for me. I didn't practice yesterday. I wasn't tired or anything, there were just parts of my body that were a little bruised up and I think it took some toughness from all of us to really give it all we had tonight."



On winning these close road games:
"Focus, energy, and intensity. Just natural intensity and matureness. We've all been here before and we've all been in other teams' gyms. We've heard the crowds and everything they are going to say, so it's not like everybody is shook up and not used to it. We just play it by our game; we don't get rattled. We keep our poise and just stay with the game plan."

On how this game helps down the stretch:
"It's going to help us in the long run. I think it's showing now how, down the stretch, in close games we always can come through and get the plays that we need, make free throws, and get the stops that we need. We're still learning from everything that we do."

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