Q&A with Taylor Sowell

Taylor Sowell, a 6-0, 174-pound junior defensive back from Roebuck (S.C.) Dorman, has committed to UNC. Inside Carolina talked to Sowell on Wednesday about his decision to become a Tar Heel ...

When did you actually make your verbal commitment?

"I called yesterday and committed. I talked to Coach [Butch] Davis, the head coach, and [John] Blake, the assistant."

What did they say when you committed?

"They were excited. They're glad that I know what I want and I committed early."

What other schools were interested in you and had offered a scholarship?

"Just today, my head coach pulled me to the side and said Georgia Tech and West Virginia, they offered me today. I had been talking to the coach from Virginia and Virginia Tech. That's been about it, right there."

What made you want to commit to North Carolina?

"I've always liked North Carolina. I liked talking to the coaches. I went up there to see a couple of games. I liked the environment pretty much."

What games did you attend?

"I went when North Carolina played South Carolina, and I went when they played Maryland."

How long has North Carolina been recruiting you?

"I'd say since the middle of the season – around there; about the third game of my junior football season."

What coach handled your recruitment?

"Coach Blake, that was the main coach I talked to most of the time. [Chuck] Pagano was recruiting me at first, but he just left for the NFL."

What is North Carolina's plan for you?

"I'm going to probably stay at corner; that's where I'm being recruiting at."

Being so early, how firm is the commitment?

"To tell you the truth right now, it's firm, but I just now got an offer from Georgia Tech and West Virginia today so it's kind of making me think. I still plan on looking around."

Do you have any plans for any junior days, spring games or any unofficial visits?

"I talked to the Virginia coach about seeing a basketball game. I'm trying to plan some dates out now. I'm going up to North Carolina this Saturday and I'm supposed to go to Georgia March 22nd, I believe."

Do you plan to attend any camps or combines?

"I know the Nike Camp is coming up soon; I wanted to go to that. The Shrine Bowl [Combine], I know I want to do that. I know I'm going to go to a North Carolina camp and maybe a Virginia camp. That's all I've got planned for right now, we're still talking."

Tell me about your junior season?

"I had six picks, 40 tackles, around seven knockdowns. I took three of my picks close to touchdowns, but I never put any in [the end zone]."

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