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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Wednesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the numerous injuries at the point guard spot:
"It's a little bit like a MASH unit. I've been involved [with teams] where you've lost one guy at one position and maybe another guy at another position, but I've never been involved where the majority of your injuries come right at the same spot. Bobby Frasor started the year as the first guard substituted at the point and the first guard substituted at the No. 2 spot, and we lost him.

"Then Ty [Lawson's] been out, and Quentin [Thomas] goes back there, and so we bring Marcus [Ginyard] over and try to get him some time. Then Marcus was ailing quite a bit [and] didn't play about the last 12 minutes of the Clemson game because of his health issues, so I didn't know which direction we were going to go next, but I was so proud of the kids last night. Marcus, to be hurting that bad… We literally made that decision that we were going to let him try [to go] during warm-ups."

Lawson ankle update:
"Last Saturday when we made the decision that Ty was not going to play against Clemson, we decided that at point that he was also not going to play against Virginia, and we were going to hold him out of everything until Thursday of this week and see if those extra four or five days would really help him a great deal. So I'm anxious to see what he can do on Thursday and see how much pain he will have. I'll be honest with you, I really do not expect for him to play against Virginia Tech, but we'll have to wait and see."

More on Lawson's injury:
"Every injury is different and the only person that knows is the guy that has it. He's the only one that knows how much pain he has. We tried him Thursday of last week – just some simple up-and-down stuff – and he couldn't do it. And on top of that, the next day it was much more painful than it was on Thursday… No one knows what that one person is going through. And so that's the way we looked at it and Ty's still having pain.

"And the other thing is, a Roy Williams or a Woody Durham – how you play, you may not need certain parts of your body as much as other guys. Alex Stepheson is a muscle guy. Well, Ty Lawson's feet are what enables him to be really, really effective. And if his feet are hurt, if the motor is hurt, you can't push it. And I think that's something that everybody's got to understand as well."

Will the injured players be ready to go for Virginia Tech on Saturday?
"I don't know that, but we did give them the day off and we'll have a short practice tomorrow and hopefully have a real good practice on Friday and make some decisions at that time. All of the decisions will probably be made Friday afternoon…

"Deon went to the hospital and they did some [tests] and took some X-rays. I have no idea. I know they're not extremely concerned. It appears that it's probably more muscle right now that anything else, but he was very tender last night. I was really pleased with the youngster and how tough he was to play 25 minutes and to do some nice things.

"Marcus felt a little bit better today than he did on Monday, the day before the Virginia game, and I was really impressed with how much he played last night… Tyler went back to the hospital this afternoon and they had a foot surgeon come over and try to do some more work with that toe, because he was the one on Monday that could not practice because he could barely walk.

"I asked him yesterday at the shoot around – this was six hours before the game – I said, ‘How does the toe feel?' and he said, ‘It's still sore – it hurts like crazy, but coach, I'm going to play.' And he's just an unbelievable type of young man that can do those kinds of things… One day last week before the Clemson game, Tyler walks off the court and throws up. [He] comes back on the court, plays [through a little bit] of practice, and walks off the court and throws up again. And I just told him, ‘Just go see Marc [Davis].' That was Friday and Saturday he practiced the whole practice. I've had some guys that would throw up in June and not play again until October…

"So we're beat up quite a bit, but at the same time, I'm hopeful the day off today and a shorter day tomorrow will give us some time to rest."

On the Duke loss:
"You weren't disappointed in any way, shape or form as much as Tyler was, as much as I was or anybody else on our team. But let's give the other team some credit. Duke's pretty doggone good. They've got the best marketing program in America. They've got eight McDonald's All-Americans that played in that game and we've got three and everybody feels like they've got no talent. So let's understand that we're playing somebody pretty good."

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