2009 Intro: Terry Shankle

NORWOOD, N.C. --- South Stanly high school isn't considered a hotbed for football talent by any means, but this year it will boast several Division I-A prospects, including one of the state's top recruits in Terry Shankle.

Shankle, a 6-foot, 170-pound athlete, has already collected scholarship offers from Alabama, North Carolina, and NC State.

"It's like a dream really," Shankle said. "I've been dreaming about this since I was little."

That dream, and list of scholarship offers, is about to get a lot bigger for Shankle.

"Florida has called. They've already seen tape and said he's a kid they're going to offer," South Stanly head football coach Luke Little said. "They've just got to go through some paperwork.

"Clemson has said they were going to offer. Coach Napier wants to see how his grades are at the end of the semester first -- which I think he'll be fine."

Following his junior season, Shankle was named Area Player-of-the-Year. At wide receiver, he caught 47 passes for 973 yards and 12 touchdowns. Defensively, he intercepted 14 passes playing in South Stanly's secondary.

"We played him at corner and safety depending on where we thought he'd excel," Little said. "Teams that ran the ball a lot we moved him into the box."

Little can see Shankle fitting in at multiple positions on the next level, but thinks he'll be best utilized at cornerback.

"He has great ball skills," Little said. "If the ball is up in the air – offense or defense – he's going to go up there and get it. He has great timing, great leaping ability. I think a guy that is that athletic can play anywhere. But he can hit; he'll come up and hit you at the line-of-scrimmage."

A punisher at heart, Shankle would like to stay in the defensive secondary.

"I like defensive back," Shankle said. "I like hitting people. I like wide receiver because I like having the ball in my hands and making people miss. But, I love hitting people."

While most schools are recruiting him as an athlete, UNC would like to use Shankle's playmaking ability on offense at receiver.

"I talked to my recruiter [Tommy Thigpen] one time," Shankle said. "He said he liked my tape. He said I'm a good player. He said I could play a lot of positions."

This weekend Shankle will take his first recruiting visit when he attends UNC's Junior Day. He's also scheduled to attend NC State's Junior Day on March 1st and Clemson's spring game.

Although early in the process, UNC is one of Shankle's co-leaders.

"I like [North] Carolina and Clemson," Shankle said. "I like them the most. I like [NC] State, too.

"Clemson, they're a nationally ranked school. I would like to go to one of the best.

"Carolina, that's my favorite school. I've been watching since I was little. So I like them a lot."

Shankle doesn't plan on making a verbal commitment until late in the year.

"I'm looking for a good education. I'm looking for a school where I fit in at and will be able to play at," Shankle said.

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