UNC-VT: Roy Williams Quotes (+audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Tar Heel head coach spoke to the media following the 92-53 Tar Heel victory.

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Opening Remarks:

Well, it was really a great day for us. You have to feel for Seth [Greenberg]. But I tell ya--you go through some struggles with some freshmen. When you play three freshmen--or start three freshmen--like they do and some other guys coming in, they are going to be a load down the line. I remember last year with those senior guards they beat the dickens out of us both times, but today was one of those days that so many things did go well for us.

I think it was our best defensive game of the year, but let's be honest--they missed some shots that they normally would make. You look at their field goal percentage for both halves right at 26 percent. If we could keep everybody--and if we had been playing defense like that the whole season it would really [have] been a fun time. But they did miss some shots that they would normally make, and they had some foul trouble early with their big guys getting two fouls pretty quickly and having to protect them.

But we played well. I'm not going to act like it was just their poor play. They didn't play as well as Seth wanted them to play, and the shots didn't go in the basket, and we had some really good things happen for us.

We were more aggressive defensively. I didn't like the number of times we fouled them [and] put them on the free throw line, but we got some turnovers, we got our break going. It was probably our best game of the year in our half-court defense, and it was probably our best game of the year in our half-court offense with some of the things that we ran.

Did you tell them about that statement that you said about-- (To Associate Director of Athletic Communications, Steve Kirschner)

Kirschner: Not yet. No, sir.

Williams: I'll let Steve have the floor. This is pretty doggone impressive.

Kirschner: I just said it's a pretty good day when a guy passes Walter Davis in career scoring and Bobby Jones and Mike O'Koren in career rebounding in the same game.

Williams: He's talking about Quentin, I'm sure you know. (Sarcasm)

(Laughter from the media members)

Quentin will appreciate that

Kirschner: He did have a career-high six rebounds.

Williams:: He'd a had another one if he had hustled after that one ball.

(Laughter from the media members.)

Nah, that's what I told him when I saw it on the screen. I told him to look up there. I said, 'There would have been seven if you had a gotten that loose ball there.'

Q did some good things for us, Tyler was big, Wayne, foul trouble bothered him, but he made some shots. I was really pleased, and this might surprise some of you--Deon and Danny, 'cause Deon was hurting but he gave us nine minutes in the first half, and that was good. And Danny was under the weather, to say the least, but yet he was able to give us 21 minutes. We were already pretty doggone thin. I think just giving us that time period--I challenged with you guys in the press conference the other day, and Will and Michael both, [I] challenged them about doing some positive things for us when they got in, and I think they did that.

Michael got off to a rough start the first time he came in, but Will did much, much better. And everybody will think of the three-point shots, but he got a defensive rebound that was a big-time rebound and also sprinted back on defense one time, got in the lane, they just threw him the ball. To me, those kind of plays were more important than his shots going in, but I think those two guys did give us something. You look at the production with Danny and Will and Alex coming off the bench, I think that was big for us as well, but it was a good day for the Tar Heels.

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