UNC-VT: Seth Greenberg Quotes (+ audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The Hokie head coach answered questions from the media following the Tar Heels' 92-53 victory.

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Opening Statement:

"It is very simple, they were very good and we weren't. We didn't play very well. Its kind of embarrassing in terms of some of the decisions we made and how hard we competed. They are a very good team and we did not obviously raise our level of play to be competitive at this level tonight. It's very rare for our team to play that way, but I guess everyone has one of those in their system and this time it was ours."

On the team's effort:

"I thought it was there to start with, but we got discouraged. It's human nature probably; it's disappointing and unfortunate. I think JT battled, he battled against bigger people, but he battled and Jeff getting into foul trouble. I can't single out one person and say their effort was unacceptable. I think at times we didn't have a sense of urgency in terms of transition or communication. We didn't to a very good job of talking, it is something we really need to emphasize and it's disappointing. They are a team when things get going they are hard. The reason they were getting so many backdoors was because our effort was there and guys were trying to deny the ball. Our weak side defense did not do a very good job, but at least they were trying. Again I think this is just one of those games your going to have to mark up and just try to get better."

On UNC's defense:

"We missed a lot of shots early and we weren't poised enough to make the extra pass. They were forcing us on those ball screens and instead of really fighting to get over the top of their ball screen and get it to the other side, we kept on letting them push us to the baseline and take a bad shot. We had one of those games where we didn't play well. We haven't had a night like tonight very often. I don't think we have had a night like tonight all season. You are going to have some of those nights with this young team. I think the thing that does hurt is some of our guys are not used to understanding the intensity every night. It's one game."

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