UNC-VT: Locker Room Report (+audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- UNC players answer questions from the media following the Tar Heels' 92-53 victory.

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Did you expect to win by so many points today?

Not at all because every ACC team is very capable of winning any game, and we've been dealing with a lot of injuries, a lot of adversity, but we are just trying to fight through it.

How did you all smooth over the rough spots so much from the last couple of outings?

Well, today--I know they have a lot of good shooters but they missed a lot of shots, but also I think our defense was a lot better than it has been in the past couple games and we are just trying to continue to work on it.

We didn't know that you could jump that high.

My legs were feeling a little good today, a little better, so it worked for me today.

After that left-handed drive and dunk you had a big smile on your face. Did you surprise yourself at all to be able to split the double team like that?

I was smiling because I haven't done it in a while. I do it in practice from time to time. My teammates know I'm capable of it, but I was just smiling because my legs were feeling good. It was a good feeling.

Do you get the feeling that the experience that you and Alex have gained, by the time everyone does come back and is healthy, that all the experience you have gained that this team will be stronger than ever?

Definitely. I always say [that] God works in mysterious ways and things happen for a reason so I definitely think, even though we are going through a lot of nicks and pains and adversity, towards the end of the season it is really going to help this team.



What does it say about this team that you can, without all the guys you had, you blow out an ACC team by 39 points?

I think we are getting better as a team. We are starting to come around. Early, I was always saying we had so much potential. I think right now it a time that we are starting to put it together and get ready.

Talk about how you guys are getting more used to maybe Q running the offense a little bit. It seems like each game it is a little smoother.

Yeah, I think also on Q's part, he is getting more and more comfortable. For him to come in like that when Ty got injured was kind of tough. We were used to Ty's type of play, pushing the ball, him being a fast break [by] himself. Now, we are starting to get used to Q operating the team.

What did you think when he drove into the lane and dunked it left-handed? That's not something we normally see.

Right. I knew Q had it in him. We all see it, but for him to do that in a game, that just shows right there that he is getting more comfortable out there.

So how comfortable will you be when you go up against [NC] State on Wednesday night, probably still without Ty Lawson?

You know, we'll be ready. We're going to try to give our best effort like we did today defensively and offensively.



As the lead continued to grow, could you sense that they were giving up at any point? Deron Washington mentioned that he felt like they quit in stretches.

Yeah, I think it was our pressure and defense. I think we played good defense pretty much the whole game. It caused them to have some easy let-downs at times.

Have you been on many teams that have had this kind of injury--guys sick, guys always hurt? Have you ever had this many on one team you have been on?

Nah, huh-uh. I think, hopefully some guys will get better and some luck will happen. When Ty comes back I think pretty much everybody will be ready here in the next couple of weeks or something, but it is kind of amazing how many injuries we have. But I think some guys are stepping up.

How does your toe feel?

Toe felt fine.

Have you been avoiding like the plague since he's got the flu?

No, I take care of my body enough where I don't think, you know--I don't really think it's going to break me down. Hopefully I don't catch the flu tomorrow, but--I wash my hands a lot in between practices and stuff.

Given the [number] of injuries and the sickness, are you at all surprised by how effectively you guys played today?

Yeah, I think guys stepped up. I think Will Graves came in and played good. Cope came in there at times, and Deon did what he could, so I think we played well.



How did you all smooth out so many of the rough spots between the last couple of games and tonight?

I think, just coming in and just having more focused practices. I'm sure how Coach has talked about shortening the practices, but I think that we've done a great job of being focused and really getting after it mentally during practice. I think that's been making up for a lot of the time that we don't spend on the basketball court because he is trying to save our legs and give guys time for their injuries to heal.

Is it nice to have a game like this after all the close the last couple of weeks?

It's good to, I guess, have a window like that were you are just going out there having fun and things are going your way and you don't have to grind it out through the whole game. It's a little bit of a relief, but, like I said, everybody knows what's coming up. We know we are going to have some more games where we are going to have to grind it out. It was nice today, but we definitely can't think that we are going to see much more of that.

How shocked were you when Q went in and dunked left-handed?

Not at all, actually. Q definitely prefers to dunk left-handed so it was nothing that surprised me. Every time I see him dunk in practices it is always with his left so it was no shocker to us.

Are you all getting used to the changes in the lineup? Is that part of it that you are getting used to playing without some of your parts?

I think we have done a great job of just continuing to have good chemistry and being able to work together with, I guess, down a couple of men, with some guys not 100 percent and things like that. I think it just speaks about this basketball team and the way that we are just willing to go out there and play each and every night. We are always playing hard and playing together. No matter who is out there on the court, those are principles that we try to play with no matter what.

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