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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Has the injury report improved since Saturday?
"Well, it's not, and regardless of what somebody else says about them having injuries too, which is a bunch of bunk, so I don't give a [flip] what somebody else says. They can coach their own [darn] team and I'll coach my team – in case anyone had heard some statements about that. But for us, I was surprised that Deon [Thompson] was able to do something, but yet, he couldn't continue playing so he sat out. It was an injury enough that he did not play in the second half. Ty Lawson is injured enough that he has not played in four games. Bobby Frasor is injured enough that he hasn't played in how ever many games that is. So [when] somebody talks about us publishing our injuries, they should have enough things to worry about their own selves.

"The bottom line is, I was very concerned about Danny [Green], I was very concerned about Deon. Danny was able to play – he was not able to have the energy level that he had. Deon was only able to play nine minutes, and then couldn't play after that. Marcus [Ginyard] was just Marcus – a very tough young man. And then to turn around and have Sunday off and go to meet Marc Davis last night because we had all of the players with injuries to come in and see him at 6 p.m., and he said, ‘Well, we have some bad news.' I said, ‘Oh, that's good. I'm used to that by now, it doesn't bother me.'

"But he thought Quentin [Thomas] had the flu and they put him on some medication. Quentin did come to practice today. He was able to go through probably 20 percent of practice and hopefully we got it early enough that he'll be okay. Deon went through less than 20 percent of the first half of practice, and then didn't go through anything the last half of practice. So right now, I know that Ty is not going to play. I know that Bobby's not going to play. I don't know yet about Deon, but I would expect ‘Q' to try to play, and hopefully be feeling a lot better by Wednesday night."

On the Virginia Tech game:
"It was a good day for us. I felt like we would play well. I knew that we tried to give them a little bit of a rest after the Virginia game. We went through a very short [practice] the day before, and I told them, ‘Hey, let's really be enthused to go in and play the game and do as well as we can possibly can play. We did some good things. Defensively, we were good, but again, we were playing a team that starts three freshmen, and you have to understand that last year we got beat by [three seniors] that started as freshmen and that started all four years and they had a senior-dominated team. This year, we caught them when they were playing freshmen before they had a chance to go through the wars. But we played well – I like the things we did."

On Lawson's conditioning when he comes back:
"We're doing some things on conditioning right now. Today, in fact, Ty spent a long time in the swimming pool. He had a life preserver belt around, we had flippers on both arms and we had air tanks and everything else to make sure that he didn't drown. .. He's not the most courageous guy in the world when he gets in that water and he's flopping around out there, but we've had him in the swimming pool, [and] he's been on the bike for the last week. It will still take a couple of days to get back into basketball shape. His cardiovascular [health] will not be bad, but it will still take him a couple of days to get back into basketball shape."

Will not playing with Lawson help this team down the stretch?
"I think there's a great chance that it will help our team because people like Quentin, for example, have to have a great deal more confidence right now than he did before Ty got hurt. Ty, when he comes back, is not going to play 40 minutes a game. He didn't play 40 minutes a game prior to getting hurt, so when Quentin comes in, he will still be a better basketball player for what he's going through right now. Will Graves and Michael Copeland got some more minutes on Saturday, and I'm hoping that will give them a little more confidence as well. So in some ways, it is going to help us if you get everybody back to full strength. If you don't get everybody back to full strength, it's not worth going through."

Do you have a date when Ty Lawson will be back?
"We don't. I already made the statement that he will not play against North Carolina State on Wednesday night. I'm hopeful that he might be able to play some against Wake Forest this weekend, but we really don't know. After the State game, we're going to try to see if we can get him back into some practice situations Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and then we'll make that decision at that time – whether to continue it from Thursday to Friday, or Friday to Saturday, or just stop it after Thursday and say, ‘This is not going to work.' But we won't have any idea until we get into those practice sessions Thursday, Friday and Saturday."

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