Tuesday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Tuesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Wayne Ellington and Quentin Thomas, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels travel to Raleigh to face rival N.C. State on Wednesday night.

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Injury update:
"I would expect Quentin [Thomas] to be a little bit better today than he was yesterday. It would have been hard for him, but he would have played yesterday if we had had a game. Deon [Thompson], I don't think would have played yesterday. He's not any better. Hopefully he'll be a little better today and I'm not real encouraged about how much he will play and how effective he will be, because after nine minutes in the first half on Saturday, basically we decided that he was not going to be effective enough to continue playing. And everybody else is still the same as they have been."

In retrospect, was Deon playing nine minutes a good thing for him?
"I think it was good. I think it was nine minutes that helped us… You guys don't need to know everything. Let's get that straight to begin with. He tweaked his back yesterday in the weight room, which is probably bothering him now more than his knee, so like I say, you guys don't need to know everything… [On] Sunday, he felt a little bit better than he did yesterday. Maybe hurting his back will help his knee."

What about Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski's comments about disclosing injury reports struck a nerve with you?
"Well, it struck a nerve because I don't – if you guys would leave me alone, I wouldn't tell you anything. It's not like I'm getting a dadgum plane and flying it around and saying, ‘Roy fell against a wall and banged his nose.' We have to do those things. And everybody's hurt, but there's different stages of being hurt. If you're hurt and missing games, I mean that's not exactly like having a hangnail. And so we do have some people that are getting hurt and missing games, and I don't think that somebody should say we're putting it in front of the public."

Do you think that his comments were –
"Let's get off that – that's all I'm saying on that one. We've got enough problems without having to have battles through the media. We've got to beat State and they've got to beat whoever they've got to beat."

Follow-up on the previous question and answer:
"You understand the reason I said that? We don't need arguments with the coaches through the media. Like I say, we've got enough problems trying to beat the teams we're trying to beat. Because as I said before we played Duke, it's impossible to have any more respect than I do for Mike, but I felt like that comment was aimed towards us."

Do you plan on showing the team the tape of the N.C. State fans rushing the court last season?
"No. I don't have it planned now, anyway. I just remember at the half them going the length of the court and laying it up, which you should never allow somebody to do. I was so mad at halftime [that] if chairs could have been broken by weak old men, I would have broken a chair at halftime."



Does this team remember the N.C. State fans rushing the court last season?
"Definitely. It's something that I'm sure all of us remember. Just when the horn went off and everybody rushed the floor, and they had so much joy and excitement from beating us. We didn't play the way we were supposed to play that game, so that's definitely something that we all remember."

How has Quentin improved during Ty Lawson's absence?
"He's getting more comfortable and we're getting more comfortable playing with him. Especially at the point guard spot, it's hard not only for the guy coming in, but also for the team to get readjusted and to get a better feel for a different style of play that Q brings compared to Ty."

How tough are the N.C. State fans to deal with?
"They get on us and they say some pretty vulgar things, but it's a hostile environment and it's an instate rivalry, so we're going to get their best shot."



On his health:
"I'm feeling a little bit better. They said it wasn't the flu, so that was a good thing. No strep throat, so I'm feeling a little bit better today… I think I just a couple of symptoms of the flu. My head was hurting, my body was aching, the usual, but they said it was not the flu, so that's a good thing."

When did it first hit you?
"I felt a little sick during the game, but I didn't think too much of it. And then Sunday, throughout the course of the day, it started getting a little worse. So I talked to our trainer, Marc Davis, and they got on top of it as soon as they could."

Has playing with Tyler Hansbrough helped your transition to the starting role?
"Being out there with Tyler is great. It definitely takes a lot of pressure off me as a point guard because everybody that plays us keys in on Tyler. But [with] me starting and playing a lot more, I've gotten a lot more comfortable understanding where Tyler likes to get the ball [and] how he likes to play in a situation like that, so it's definitely helping me as a player to get a better feel of our big men out there."

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