UNC-NCSU: Sidney Lowe Quotes & Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from N.C. State head coach Sidney Lowe, who spoke to the media following North Carolina's 84-70 victory over the Wolfpack.

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Opening Statement:
"Once again, I thought we played a pretty good first half for the most part, except for that last three minutes of the half when we threw it away and they made a little run at us. And then in the second half, they came out and turned it up again, and we didn't respond. Our defense wasn't there as it was in the first half, and obviously against a team like that, you have to stay solid and be focus and we weren't. And they took advantage of it. I think their two big guys played well for them. They did what they were supposed to do, and they won the ball game."

On dealing with the lapses:
"It's about concentration, focus, and being tough. We knew that in the second half their team would come out and be more physical. We can't keep up and it's puzzling to me."

On the team's problems:
"Our biggest thing is having trouble dealing with adversity. We haven't been able to make a run back at them and stop theirs. We're plagued in the second half. We start relaxing and teams take advantage of that. We make careless passes under pressure. It was a mental breakdown and we didn't stay focused... You expect your more experienced guys to be more poised and comfortable. We can't have our veteran guys turning over the ball the way they were."

On controlling where Tyler Hansbrough got the ball:
""It's one thing to say it, [but] it's another thing to do it. You've got to go out and execute it, and understand that a guy like that, he's not just going to lay down and allow you to take him out of the game or not allow him to get the ball. He's going to fight and fight and fight and try to get it, and he did that. He was the best player on the floor today, and he's been playing that way for awhile... He was the best player on the floor tonight. We didn't challenge him enough. Our bigs were not contesting shots. He had a great game."

On J.J. Hickson sitting for 10 minutes in the second half:
"It was a defensive issue, yes. It wasn't the scoring -- it was defense that we needed. And I just didn't think that he was defending. I thought Tracy [Smith] came in and did a great job for us defensively against the bigs, as well as against [Danny] Green on the floor."

On North Carolina playing well without Ty Lawson:
"Well, they've got one of the best players in the country in Tyler. They've got one of the best wings in the country in [Wayne] Ellington. They've got one of the best sixth-man in Green -- if you want to call him a sixth-man, he's really a starter. They just have talent. They have talent. And they play hard and they play smart. They play the right way and obviously, they're coached extremely well. It's no mystery that they're still going to be good."

What does Hansbrough need to do to be considered one of the best to ever play in the ACC?
"I don't know what else the young man can do -- I really don't. He's a heck of a player and he's a heck of a competitor. And I admire that more than anything -- the way he competes. I admire his toughness and the way he competes. His talent is one thing, but his toughness and the way he competes. I don't know what else he can do. I think he's going to be one of the best to ever play. I really do. In terms of his numbers and what he accomplishes with this team, I'm not sure, but in playing that position and in what he's doing -- especially if he continues doing what he's doing now."

On Hansbrough's potential success in the NBA:
"That's hard to say. That's hard to say for me right now. That's a totally different level. The guys are taller and stronger than the guys he's playing against right now, or as strong as he is. He certainly can play there. There's no question he can play there, but I don't know in terms of his productivity and things of that nature. I tell you what -- he's not going to hurt you. That's one thing for sure."

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