UNC-WFU: Dino Gaudio Quotes & Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from Wake Forest head coach Dino Gaudio, who spoke to the media following North Carolina's 89-73 victory over the Demon Deacons.

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Opening remarks:
"I thought a big key to the game was them coming out of the blocks and our transition defense was not good. It is disappointing because that was the number one key to the game for us, getting back on defense. And I think it was maybe or six minutes, seven minutes until we adjusted to how hard they were pushing the ball. We spend a lot of time on conversion defense in practice, so that was disappointing early in the game. We adjusted a little bit and started to get back.

"I think a big play was right before the half when Ellington hit that three in the corner over there. Tough shot, give the young man credit, but we go down nine at half instead of six. I mean that was a big play to end the half.

"I thought we played hard and I thought our kids fought. It's a tough environment. The first thing I told them after the game was we have to play with a little bit more of emotional maturity on the road. We worry about this call a little bit and that call a little bit, we have the best officials in the whole country, just play. That is all you have to do and we will learn.

"I think Roy has a terrific team. When you prepare for these guys, there is so much to prepare for they have so many weapons. You have to get back on defense, they are the number one rebounding team in the league, Tyler is a handful inside, coming out of timeouts and free throws they are going to run and jump you. You have to do a lot of things well to beat them, but we didn't do obviously enough things well.

"Finally, if we would of made a little more free throws it would have stopped the bleeding a little bit. I think a couple times we were down twelve and cut it to ten, and we didn't make our free throws. I thought our kids played hard, we are 6-6 in the league with six to go. We can accomplish all of our goals if we just keep working hard."

On never being able to initiate a run:
"We didn't -- part of a big run is making free throws. We kept getting that shot where we were running a set, but we were killing ourselves getting a shot from the left corner in front of our bench. I think Harvey Hale had one that went in and out; it was a big three. We have to do a little bit better job of shooting the three on the road. We shot 48 percent, but your not going to win when you give up 56 percent [on field goals] and 50 percent [on three-point attempts]."

On Chas McFarland's foul trouble:
"He is a very good player for us and without him out there that is a big loss. I think right now we have some guys that are pretty good defenders, but not as efficient on the offensive end. David Weaver is a very good defensive player. Jamie Skeen is a pretty good offensive player, but when Chas does both pretty well and he's not in there it hurt us a bit."

On defending Tyler Hansbrough:
"First of all we wanted to limit his touches, which is difficult you have to fight him in the post. When he gets the ball he is a difficult cover and we really tried to dig down on him a little bit. We didn't want to leave Wayne, but we wanted to leave the other guy. We were going to try to go get him. He is quick, when he makes his moves he's not a kid who is going to get it and bounce.

"He's going to make a quick move, one bounce and you have to be close enough to where you could swipe that. Other teams double him, we showed a little bit of triangle and two. We tried to put L.D. Williams fronting him with our other two guys on the block and we tried to cover Ellington. We got a steal the first time we did it in the second half and I think Will Graves hit a three on us. Our zone was good in the first half, we had five straight stops. They got second chances on us when we did get stops.

"He is a terrific player and I just love the kid. High energy and his motor runs high. I hope he is the player of the year in the country, he deserves it."

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