Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
"We feel good because we won yesterday and feel even better because we have about five days before we play again. Normally, I don't like a break in the schedule like this, but for us, we're beat up a little bit and I'm hopeful that this time period will help us a little bit. We're not going to go at all today and then go very light tomorrow, if anything other than running and shooting, and then try to come back and have good practices Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to get ready for a great test at Boston College."

On new technology in recruiting:
"Well, if I have to keep up with [recruits] using those things, we've got no hope. I can tell you that. When text messaging was legal, I probably did it less than any coach in America, and so needless to say, I don't do it at all now. But even with the kids that have already signed, supposedly you can text message after they've already signed their National Letter of Intent, I don't think I've sent a single text to any of our three young men who are going to come in and join us next year. I'm about as far back on the bus as you can get when it comes to technology, so if we have to recruit that way, the University of North Carolina is going to be in bad shape."

How much does technology influence recruits?
"I'm hopeful that face-to-face is still the best, because that's the way that I do it. Now, my assistants can get on the email and those things, but there's no question that it's important. There's no question that there's a place for it, but it's just not something that Roy Williams does very much, if any at all. I try to go and let them see my face and I talk to them on the phone and we have the home visits and schools visits and all of those things, so I think there's a place for it, but it's not the only way to do it."

On Quentin Thomas' play since Ty Lawson's ankle sprain:
"It's by the far the biggest factor in how successful we've been. ‘Q' has come in, even at Florida State where it was a quick-moment thing where Ty is playing, and then all of a sudden, Ty is not playing, and I thought ‘Q' was big for us that day in a very close overtime game. And I think with each and every game, he's gotten a little more confidence and yesterday he [had] seven assists and three turnovers, but two of them were in a row right at the 4:00 mark, so he was seven and one up until that point.

"He's been a pleasure – he's always been a pleasure -- but he's had a lot of tough things happen with injuries and to see a youngster that's persevered through some adversity and through some tough times has been huge for us psychologically and it's also been very good on the court."

On Marcus Ginyard's team-first mentality:
"I think that Marcus has always been on teams that have been very successful and he likes that part – he likes the winning. And he is a youngster who can do so many things well and yet, may not do anything spectacularly. But he believes and he makes a great contribution and he sees how we appreciate his contributions – it's an offensive rebound here, it's a steal there, it's great defense throughout the course of the game – and I think he appreciates that."

Have you gotten a chance to watch Ed Davis play since he signed with UNC, and how is he improving?
"I have seen him play, and in fact, he was here for our game yesterday and we talked. I think they find out their [high school] seedings either today or tomorrow for what it's going to look like for the next couple of weeks. There's a chance that I may get back up there to see him again, but you're allowed to see him seven times, you have seven opportunities, so we've been there enough to where we're getting close to reaching the maximum, but I enjoy watching him.

"Blocking shots is the thing that jumps out at me. He's doing so much more of that this year than he's done in the past. And he just looks like he's so much more relaxed and being more aggressive on both ends of the court. But the one thing that jumps out to me is that he's blocking a lot of shots."

How close were you to playing Lawson against Wake Forest?
"Seven to 10 days ago, I had hoped that he would be able to play against Wake Forest, because their guards are so quick and we needed somebody to give ‘Q' a little bit of a breather to play against that kind of personnel… But on Friday and Saturday, we basically made the decision that he wasn't quite ready yet and so after that point, I never considered using him at all. I hope to play him against Boston College this weekend, but for that to happen, he's got to be able to do some things in practice and be able to do it and do it effectively."

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