Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On a potential medical red-shirt for Bobby Frasor:
"Bobby is not eligible and yet at the same time, we'll go through the process of appealing it. He's played two more games than would make him not only eligible, but almost guarantee him getting him an extra year. He played two more games this year, and we're going to try to build his case and put as much legalese as we can out there. The NCAA over the past couple of years – Miles Brand has really done a nice job, speaking in terms of trying to be student-athlete friendly. And so we are going to look into it and see what happens, but we're not counting on it. It's an outside chance, but we're going to try it and see."

On Danny Green:
"Danny was much more consistent early in the season. He had a tough late-January, early-February, but two of the last three games he's really played well. I thought he was the biggest player on the court in the Clemson game making those two consecutive threes down the stretch. He struggled a little bit at State the other night, still trying to get over the flu, and then did some nice things again [on Sunday]. He hasn't been quite as consistent as he was early in the year, but hopefully that's going to come along."

On Monday's off day:
"The players had [Monday] off, but I'll tell you something that will everybody just shake their heads. We've had a tough stretch of games and travel and it's been tough with guys getting beat up. And [Monday] at 3 p.m., I go down to the locker room to pick something up – think I had left my coat – and I started to head back upstairs, and I heard the ball bouncing. I walked into the gym, [and] Tyler Hansbrough is in there with a manager working on his shot. That's the most unbelievable young man that I've ever been around."

On Marcus Ginyard:
"There's another guy that's doing some great things that nobody's talking about, and that's Marcus. Marcus Ginyard has gone away from his comfort zone and has gone into being the backup point guard and playing 8-12 minutes a game at a position that he hasn't played hardly at all his entire life. He hadn't played it at all since the summer before his junior year in high school. Taking him away from the 2/3 spot where he can sneak in on the offensive boards and gamble a little bit more.

"And now he's got to be thinking about, ‘Okay, what defensive signal do I want to give, what play is Coach telling me to call, I've got to get back, I can't go to the boards.' He's walking around with his foot in a boot right now. That stress reaction thing on his foot is bothering him more now than it was 10 days ago, he's got turf toe on the other [and] he's got a sprained ankle. I told him his body was worse than mine at 57, except that it looked better, but it wasn't better."

Injury report:
"Deon [Thompson] feels a lot better walking, it's just painful running and jumping and basketball's a game where you've got to run and jump a little bit. We're still very concerned about him and hopeful with 48 hours of not doing anything except getting treatment, it'll be better. Ty [Lawson] was in class and had not been down there yet. I'm hopeful that on Wednesday, Ty will be able to go through some of the practice routine. He has not been able to do that yet. The only thing he's done so far is shoot. Marcus, as I said, has his foot in a boot, but Marcus is such a tough kid that I think when the bell sounds on Saturday, I think Marcus will be playing even though he's not 100 percent or 90 percent or 80 percent probably, but he's just a tough, tough kid.

"Tyler is fine. He got kicked in the calf last night and they wrapped it up at halftime, but he seemed to do pretty well with it after halftime and was down there shooting this afternoon. And Quentin, we were having to put ice on his knee last night during the course of the game… There's a lot of aches and pains this time of year in college basketball. It's such a physical game and such a demanding game with such demanding practices, it's just something that everybody has to live with."

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