Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On being ranked No. 1 -
"I like it better at this time of the year because it means you've accomplished something, it's not just what people think you're going to do, but we've got to play tomorrow night. Last week Tennessee won it on Saturday and lost it on Tuesday. It's a great thing for your team right now because it means they've had a heck of a year -- so far. ... We've had a great deal of adversity and there are other programs that have had adversity like we've had, but I like the toughness of this team and the way they've handled the last four weeks ... I'm very pleased with how tough we are."

On playing Florida State on Tuesday -
"They've won three straight games and they're on a little mission - their mission is to make the NCAA Tournament. They've got to go on a great run and they say we're part of that run."

On what he said to his team at halftime of the BC game -
"I think I was pretty calm. I didn't throw any chairs or break any boards. I told them we couldn't do anything about the first 20 minutes, but we could do something about the next 20 minutes. I told them they didn't have to play over their heads, but they had to do what we asked them to do to the best of their ability. I promised them that if we did that, we'd be there at the end and have a chance at the end of the game ... "

On the team's superstitions -
"I've gotten a lot better - I'm better than I used to be. I used to be really superstitious and I guess I still am compared to most people. I walked today, found a penny that was head up and I put it in my pocket. At North Carolina State I found a penny during the day and a quarter in State's locker room. ... There are a lot of silly things that we do. Steve Robinson goes into the locker room during pregame warmups at the 13:00 mark ... If I wear a new suit or new tie and we get beat, you ain't ever going to see me wear that at another basketball game ... We've got all kinds of little crazy stuff. Never get a haircut on game day. With the Olympic Team, Larry Brown and Greg Popavich got a haircut on game day and we lost to Germany in an exhibition game and I told them it was their fault."

On Ty Lawson's expected role Tuesday -
"Quentin will start tomorrow night and he'd start tomorrow night if it wasn't Senior Night. ... Ty was a little sore yesterday and today we tried to get about half the practice out of him because his ankle is still a little sore. We're very careful bringing him back. It depends on the flow of the game and I'm hoping for 16-18 minutes [from him] ..."

On Senior Night -
"I really believe that with Late Night with Roy we bring college basketball in with more fun than anybody else and then the way we do the senior thing we close the home year out better than anybody else. It's a special moment and an emotional time for me. Quentin Thomas, you think about kids going through adversity -- I don't know I've ever had a player go through as much adversity as Quentin has with the injuries, with being a point guard and me bringing in Bobby Frasor and putting him in front of him and then me bringing in Ty Lawson and putting him and Bobby ahead of him and Q to continued to be a great teammmate. Even if you read Wes Miller's book, Wes continually talks about what a great person Quentin has. I know I've never had a player I'm more proud of to go through the adversity and more happy for to have the success he's had now. It'll be a tough night tomorrow night and I've had some tough ones."

On 'flopping' -
"That does bother me. I always tell our guys, if you get hard enough to knock you down, that's fine, but I don't want our guys flopping because if the referee doesn't call it then you're on the floor and it's a 5-on-4. ... I think you should be able to play defense without having to do all that. If one of our guys flops, I get on his tail in practice. There was a picture of Tyler Hansbrough in the News & Observer with an article about flopping. I went back and looked at the play [on the game tape] and he took a hard shot and the separation you see in the picture doesn't let you know that he's already taken the shot. Why put his picture in there? Because I guarantee he doesn't flop. As hard as he gets hit every game without falling, half the players would be in the infirmary if that was them."

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