UNC-FSU: Roy Williams Quotes (w/ audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams talked to reporters following the Tar Heels' win Tuesday night over Florida State ...


Opening Remarks -

"It was a fitting way for 'Q' to go out. One humorous thing, the crowd started chanting 'We want Surry' and I told them to be quiet I was the coach. Then they scored ten points in the last 47 seconds and that is usually the reason I make the decision when to put people in. It was a great night for Surry, getting those two baskets early is something he will remember for the rest of his life. Quentin did a nice job - got three fouls that could not of been called, but they were called. Still to come back, he made some big hoops for us in the second half. To go through, as I said earlier, all that young man has gone through, it was a great, great night for him. It was a great night for our team to make sure he went out the right way.

"The second half offensively we were pretty doggone good. We shot 76 percent percent I think with about a minute to go. We had better spacing, got the ball where we wanted it, made shots. Florida State came in, they'd won three in a row and been playing well and we couldn't do a good enough job to keep them off the free throw line. They got there a lot more than we wanted. Still, 28 wins and 13 of them in the league, we feel good about where we are and we got a big-time game on Saturday."

Your team was successful taking a lot of jumpshots tonight ...

"I think Ty is still not comfortable enough to take the ball to the basket in a crowd of people. We said the other day it is probably going to take a while for him to get comfortable like that. We missed some open shots, too, but I think you're right. It was six or something, than Will Graves made a three on the opposite side and took it to nine. I called a set play for Ty when we were out of bounds underneath, he is a confident rascal, I said 'Are you ready to make one' and he said 'Yeah.' We call the set play for him and he made the three right in front of me. It is important against a team that is trying to keep the ball away from Tyler to make jump shots. Still, Tyler did not have a great night by any means, but 20 points and 9 rebounds - it makes you feel pretty good."

Was there a feeling when Ty came out with the [thigh] injury that 'Here we go again' ?

"Not really. I think during the course of the game you can't feel sorry yourself and you can't do that. You just got to tell yourself 'I have 'Q' with three fouls and Marcus at point guard. If we need to play zone we will play zone.' We told the kids we might play some zone just to stay out of foul trouble. We never got to that point, even though at one time I started signaling but I didn't like the personnel we had in the lineup at that time. Generally, I am just thinking about the next play and trying to do the best, make sure we have the right personnel in. Hopefully plan down the line what it is going to be in the next six minutes. But I never do any of that woe is me stuff."

How important is it to you guys for Ty to fight through those bumps and bruises?

"It's important for everybody, but it was a pretty significant hip pointer that he got. I told him we have 42 hours off before we practice again, so I'll see him at 4 p.m. on Thursday and to try and take care of his body and get treatment. At this time of year everybody has aches and pains."

How do you feel about the defense at this point in the season?

"Well we have gotten better and I tried to give them a confidence boost right before the game. I just wrote one word on the board, instead of three factors or suggestions, I just wrote 'Our defense.' The first half we held them to 39 percent, but we didn't make many shots but we still had a 12-point lead. I do believe we are getting better and better defensively, but we need to continue doing that."

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