UNC-FSU: Quentin Thomas Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Following his final game in the Smith Center, Quentin Thomas talked about Senior Night and his Tar Heel career ...


You've been through so much, but tonight was a night of celebration for you as a senior. What was it like for you?

"It was unbelievable. Freshman year up until now I've seen so many people go up in front of me and when Surry went up there, I thought 'I've got to talk next.' So it hit me then. I enjoyed it."

How many folks came here from Oakland?

"I said 100, but I think it was 17 or 18."

Did you get a chance to look around and soak it all in?

"I did a little bit in warmups. I tried to stay focused, but I couldn't help it because I've been through so much -- good and bad -- and when I saw all those people with the 'Q' signs, it made me feel warm inside to know that I have people that have supported me through all of these four years."

What did tonight mean to you?

"It meant a lot. The support and the love I've been getting these four years, definitely tonight it showed. I love my teammates, coaching staff, family, fans - everybody. Being there for me and this team has meant a lot to me."

You have a favorite moment from tonight?

"All of it. From walking out in warmups, to grabbing that microphone, to seeing that support and the fans showing that appreciation - they don't have to do that, so I thank them for that."

These four years have come and gone so fast. Have you had a chance yet to really reflect on your career?

"It goes by so fast. I remember watching Jawad, Melvin and Jackie doing their senior speech ... it goes fast, but it's been an experience - coming here to Carolina, playing for this team and this University, playing with my teammates. I love my teammates to death because they kept me going day to day in the good times and the bad times and I love them for that."

Have you thought at all about possibly becoming the winningest player in Carolina history?

"They've told me about that. As long as we keep winning, I'm happy. As far as being the winningest player in Carolina history, that'll take care of itself if we keep handling our business."

Did you hear from Marvin [Williams] today?

"I talked to him earlier. He just said he wished he could be out here with me. He would have been here but he had a game tonight. I told him I'd call him afterwards. I wish he was out there with me, but everything happens for a reason."

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