UNC-FSU: Quentin Thomas Tribute

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- After the conclusion of Senior Night, as the Smith Center fans said farewell to Quentin Thomas, Inside Carolina talked to Thomas' teammates about what the senior has meant to them and the team ...


"It's tough to put it into words. Quentin is what you think about when you think of a great teammate - a guy who is so selfless and just wants the best for his teammates no matter what. It doesn't matter how well he's playing, he wants the best for his teammates at all times. And you really can't ask for a better teammate than Quentin Thomas."


"'Q' as a teammate, he's great to play with. He's an energy guy - most people probably don't see that. But also he's a great friend. Just being around the guy all the time, he's always positive and it's great to have a teammate like that."


"He means a lot to me. When I first got here, he showed me the ropes and everything like practice and how to get through that and the little things to do. He was a role model for me when I first got here because he taught me everything. As a friend, I don't think there's a better friend out there. He'll do anything for you."


"'Q' to me is like my big brother. My teammates are all family, but 'Q' has been like a big brother to me. I really love him. He's always been there for me. When I was down, he was always positive. He's a great guy. He's been through a lot, injuries and everything, but he keeps pushes through and doesn't quit. He's a great person all around and I'm going to miss him."


"A guy, given his situation, could have folded it up, but 'Q' had great family around him, he stuck it out and his time came. That just shows that good things really do happen to good people because he's the nicest individual on the team. He cares about everybody else. He's the ideal teammate you want to have."

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