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Carolina Basketball

With a heap of national attention and expectations on North Carolina's men's basketball team, there's a more immediate and local task at hand for the Tar Heels. They're ranked No. 1 in the country, but if they don't win Saturday night in Durham against sixth-ranked Duke, the Tar Heels won't be No. 1 in the Atlantic Coast Conference's regular season.
Top-ranked Tar Heels mindful of final test
The Burlington Times-News

The mask is now hanging in the new Carolina Basketball Museum on campus. The recent minor melodrama involving the coaches and their injury policies has been dismissed. So now all the attention returns to a game that needs no subplots to add to its aura: No. 1 North Carolina vs. No. 5 Duke.
No. 1 North Carolina-No. 5 Duke's main plot: ACC seed
The USA Today

Watch North Carolina sophomore guard Wayne Ellington long enough and you know what he can do -- shoot from the perimeter, drive the baseline, drive inside the foul line, pull up and double pump and let go a game-winning basket.
Ellington ready for Duke rematch
The Durham Herald-Sun

Know what makes the Duke-North Carolina rivalry so much fun to follow? You never know when the smallest snippet of gossip, a gnat on the news windshield, turns into a major story.
So much of the drama in Duke-UNC rivalry is off the court
The Wilmington Star

Noni juice. It's an elixir made from rotten fruit found in Fiji, putrid in color and even worse in taste. "It's nasty," says North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson, who's been knocking back shots of the juice in recent weeks. "There's chunks in it when you swallow. It's hard going down." For weeks, Lawson has looked far and wide for any cure he could find to aid his sprained left ankle. Recently, the noni juice seems to have provided a boost.
Heels need Lawson to 'suck it up'
The Fayetteville Observer

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