Friday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and a number of players, as the Tar Heels prepare to clash with No. 5 Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday night.

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You didn't have Ty in the first game again Duke, what sort of factor can he be for you Saturday?

"I hope he's a pretty significant factor, because we need a significant factor to turn around what happened last time. We didn't practice Wednesday, came back yesterday and his ankle was still a little sore, we let him go about 40 percent of practice. It's difficult because you need to practice game situations and game speed and yet you can't. 'Q' came in yesterday and his knee was swollen so he didn't practice at all yesterday. So we're a little concerned about both of them. Ty does have an ability to help you get easier baskets ... that is a huge value to have because with Duke you need to get some easy ones because they're so good defensively. ... "

How has Ty played since his return in your estimation?

"He's done well - he had five assists and one turnover at Boston College and 3-0 against Florida State. He did a nice job defensively in the Boston College game. He's done well, but you haven't seen him get the ball and penetrate the defense in an open court situation and go all the way to the rim a single time ... against Florida State he pulled up and shot jumpshots where he would have driven. ... I think he's done well, but he's not 100 percent. I'm hopeful he'll get closer every day, but I've never had a team that we've practiced as short of time periods and holding guys out anywhere close to what I'm doing now. It takes half my concentration figuring out practices saying 'Ty, you get two of four ... Deon, you get two of four ... Marcus, you get one out of four' and then to make sure they're doing that."

On UNC's and Duke's defensive abilities -

"Both of us gamble. They have been better at creating turnovers than we have. Both of us put a value on trying to steal the ball and pressure the offense. When we can get a team that create a lot of turnovers - right now we're creating a few - if we can get a team that creates a lot and can hold that field goal percentage down ... then you really feel good about your defense.

"Duke guards you. I think I'll get this right - Marcus, Wayne and Danny were 7-for-34 last time. Everybody is going to say, 'They're not going to do that tomorrow.' Well, who knows? Duke has something to do with that because they are very, very good defensively. We've got to make sure we get better shots, which means more movement, stronger screens, better anticipation. ..."

How important is it for you to get significant contributions from the four-spot, with the extra defensive attention Tyler is sure to receive at Duke?

"It's important for those guys to get to the boards. If [Duke] is going to run a couple guys at Tyler, your other big guy has got to dominate the backboards. We outrebounded them last time, but it wasn't a real significant thing and the number of points we scored on offensive rebounds wasn't nearly as significant as that 30-point difference from the three-point line.

"You know what? It's really pretty simple. If you want to beat Duke in Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday night at 9 p.m., everybody you put in the game better play their rear end off. It can't be that so-and-so has a bad night and so-and-so will pick him up and carry him. You don't beat a team as good as Duke is playing and as good as they are, with just some guys playing [well] - everybody better bring their 'A' game and be ready to play."

On the ACC regular season title being on the line Saturday -

"That's more important to me [than the NCAA Tournament locations]. I like putting up banners that say you're champions. We have a goal in the preseason to win the ACC Championship."



On the importance of this game:
"It's a big deal -- it's a big deal for anybody. This is for all of the marbles right here. This is the last season game for the regular season championship, and also for seeding. And we just don't look at it for that, we look at it as a game to get our revenge back."

On containing Duke's outside shooting:
Basically, stop their penetration first. They like to penetrate, and when they get penetration, people have to help, and when you help, they kick it to the man that's open and they get open three's."



On if the knee problem is as bad as it was before the first Clemson game:
"It's better than that. It swelled up on me the other night. I was really concerned with it, and Coach and my team was really concerned with it, but I'm going to be alright with it."

Did the knee after the Florida State game?
"It actually wasn't that night. It didn't happen until the next day. We didn't have practice the next day, we had it off, so it just swelled up on me and I'm trying to take care of it. The training staff is doing a great job with it, so I've just got to work through it."



On the importance of winning the regular season title:
"That was a goal before the season, and it still is one. That's a tough place to play. We're just going to have to execute and do the things that we want to do."

On how Ty Lawson was in practice on Friday:
"I wouldn't say he is 100 percent. You guys have seen him, but he brings a lot to us, and he's definitely valuable to us. We'll use him tomorrow to help us in different ways."



Has the team talked about the importance of the East Region's No. 1 seed?
"No sir. With this game, there's a lot laying on the line. This game could obviously be talked about with the No. 1 seed down the line, but the biggest thing that we've talked about is that first of all, we're playing Duke. And second of all, they beat us last time. So those are the two biggest things that we're looking at right now. That's getting us up fired up for this game."

On how this team is different since Lawson's injury:
"I think that this team has showed a lot more fight [with] a lot of the things that we've had to go through since Tywon has been hurt. I think that having to go through a lot of adversity, such as his injury, I've just seen this team grow in a lot of different ways. It's been a big help for this team."



Are you ready for this game?
"I'm real anxious. First of all, they beat us at home. There's a lot of stuff going into this game – the ACC Championship, the No. 1 seed and just to beat them on their Senior Night, so I'm ready for this game.

How do you feel?
"I feel good. I'm starting to jump more off it, like on layups and things. I'm getting a lot more confidence in it, so I'm feeling real good right now."

Will we see you blow by some people?
"Yes, I was doing a little bit of that today, just testing it a little bit. So I think I can blow by people. [I'm] back to almost normal speed."

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