UNC-UMd: John Bunting

Opening Remarks:

Things looked good for about six minutes didnt they? Then they went right down the tubes. This one hurts, probably, the most. There have been a lot of tough ones, but this one hurts the most because we just did not play very well at all. To Maryland's credit, they played extremely well. They are a very good football team and very well coached. They have a lot of weapons and do a lot of different things. I'm very disappointed, as all Tar Heel fans are. I'm sure it hurts a lot of people. It hurts me a lot, and I'm sure it hurts our football team. I think they are feeling really down about the way they played.

I thought we had things going. We had a great week of practice, and it was great to get off to a good start like we did. I thought we would score the second time we had the ball, but we didn't. The long pass seems to just jump right on us and we don't play well after that happens. I don't really know why, but we do have a young team, as everybody knows. We'll keep playing those young players to try to get them better. We have another opportunity next week against Clemson. Hopefully, we'll play a lot better. We have to in order to have a chance to beat Clemson.

Do you look at their rushing numbers, and what do you think about that?

I looked at that, and that just really rips my guts out.

Was any of this due to all the young guys on the field?

We've talked about that, and I'm not going to beat that dead horse. I want our young players to keep getting better. I'm not sure if we did today. I have to wait and watch the video tape to find out if we did or not. Last week, in the loss to Wake, there were a couple of guys who played better than they've ever played before. That might happen when I watch the tape.

The key is that there are too many young players playing together for the first time this year. It's hard to trust one another in assignments and execution and fits and everything else when you haven't played together very long. The bigger problem is not just experience but playing together because this is the greatest sport there is, in my opinion, in terms of team play. Everybody has got to fit right.

What happened on the 80-yard touchdown? Michael Waddell said that he should have angled the guy in.

We are playing two-deep, which is a fine coverage for that play. Regardless of whether Waddell gets him inside, which you want to. You want to funnel him inside on cover-two. If he doesn't and insists on going outside, you have to get him out of bounds, get him way out. But the safety on the play has got to see what number one does. All cover-two, the safety has to see what number one does. He has to play over the top to make that play.

Is it hard to walk into the locker room and know what to say after a game like this?

This was the hardest one, that's for sure. And I was really excited about this game. I felt really good about playing this game. I know how good Maryland is. They have runners and their quarterback is playing well for them right now. He's smart and does not make many mistakes. But I felt good about this game, I thought we were ready to play. Obviously, we were for a short period of time.

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