UNC-VT: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Marcus Ginyard, Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson and Danny Green who spoke to the media following the 68-66 victory over Virginia Tech in the ACC Tournament semifinals at Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, N.C.

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ROY WILLIAMS PC (including Hansbrough, Ginyard & Ellington)


On Ellington's technical foul:
"Wayne will be in better condition after the running that he gets to do with everyone clapping for him later in the week. I saw it clearly, and Wayne did start talking to the player. I have no idea if he was saying anything bad, or congratulating him on his haircut. He was talking and there was a bump, and I have no problem with what the official did. I had no problem with Wayne missing the free throw because he said he knew Tyler was going to get the offensive rebound and put it back. After that, Wayne made some big jump shots, but I was disappointed in it."

What makes Hansbrough so good?
"His heart. I've had players who were more gifted, [but] I've never had a player who wanted it more. I've never had a player who did things every day to try to best player that he could be. That jumpshot – he's made that jumpshot a lot of times. And it's because he's worked on it. Every day before practice, he goes through extra shooting drills before the rest of the team even comes out onto the court. I'd be the best dadgum coach that ever lived if I could put that kind of hear and desire into every one of our players. But I'm also the luckiest coach that I've got one like that."

On beating Virginia Tech by 39 at home and by two today:
"College basketball in the ACC – you've seen some 20, 30 and 40-point swings. You can beat somebody by 20 at home and lose to them by 20 on the road. That's the ACC. I felt like it would a game that goes down to the wire because we did beat them so badly at our place. And it was an indoctrination for those freshmen – we outrebounded them by 30 at our place, and you can go back and look at their stat sheets. They have not been outrebounded by anybody since that game, including outrebounded Miami yesterday by 26. Seth and his staff have really emphasized that, so the [close game] didn't surprise me."

Is that the biggest shot that you've ever hit?
"It was pretty important. It's tough to [think of] all the shots that I've hit, but it was definitely big. The only upside of that is if I had missed it, it's not like we would have lost the game, we would have gone to overtime."

On North Carolina's defense in the closing minutes:
"I think in the last five minutes of the game, we decided that we were going to buckle down and make some stops. We needed them, and we showed our toughness."

On his preference on who to play in the title game:
"Whatever comes up, it's going to be a big-time game for the ACC Championship. There is no doubt in my mind about that. I would love to play Duke again, and I would love to play Clemson again. Throughout the season, you've seen some great games with those two teams. I think it is going to be a battle either way."



Were you starting to get a little edgy there when Virginia Tech was up five with about five minutes to play?
"Yes, a little bit. We acted out of character today. We panicked a little bit, and made a lot of turnovers down the stretch that we normally don't make and things like that, so next game, we've got to work on that."

Has anybody said anything to Danny about getting dunked on yet?
"Oh yeah – we already gave it to him in the locker room. It'll probably be on the ESPN top-10 list, so we'll just have fun with it."



What does it say about this team that it can be held to 68 points and still win?
"That when we need the stops on defense, we'll get them. We made some stops late in the game, and we kind of stepped it up. Wayne made some big shots and we got the defensive stops that we needed."

This team didn't look too concerned that it may not be playing tomorrow for a while there –
"I guess you could say so. We were playing on cruise control a little bit. We weren't playing well. It was just one of those rough games. A lot of things weren't going our way. They were getting all of the loose balls. It seemed like every time the ball bounced off the rim, it was going to them. They were hitting open shots, and we weren't hitting many. But we came out with the win and we're playing tomorrow. "

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