UNC-CU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Quentin Thomas, Tyler Hansbrough and Wayne Ellington who spoke to the media following the 86-81 victory over Clemson for the ACC Tournament Championship at Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, N.C.

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ROY WILLIAMS PC (including Thomas, Hansbrough & Ellington)


On the ACC Tournament:
"Let's be honest – I'm always going to have misgivings about this tournament. And the top three or four teams in the ACC probably always will. You play somebody for 16 games, and then you've got to turn around and do it again? And what does everybody talk about? If you think about our [2007] team, what does everybody talk about? That we lost to Georgetown. Nobody says, ‘Yes, but they won the ACC Tournament.'

"Let's be honest. The ACC Tournament is a wonderful tournament. I grew up in this area. I love it. But its not the same as it used to be when there was only one team that went [to the NCAA's]. You can write it up anyway that you want to and you can criticize me. The fans are going to get on my case, but it's fact. Let's be honest. Let's get over that crap. My gosh, I'm about as old as anybody out here and nobody loves this tournament any more than I do, but it's not the same thing."

On Ty Lawson's play:
"I think he's getting closer, but he's got to get a lot better for us to reach the dreams that we have. He doesn't feel that comfortable with it. During one timeout, I said, ‘I guarantee you, you're going to make your next basket. You've got to be aggressive. Don't feel sorry for yourself, you've got to be aggressive.' And then he walked off and I yelled at him again and he turned around. [I said], ‘Hey – I've coached a lot of games. I know what the crap I'm talking about.' And so the next play was his first layup, and then he looked over at me and I said, ‘I told you so.' I like to do that to smart alec little kids.

"But I think that he's got to get some confidence back. He's a wonderful kid. He's taken some criticism about not being tough enough or not coming back, but he's a wonderful kid who just wants to feel more comfortable and wants to get that confidence back and hopefully he'll be getting it more each and every day."

On his transition style of play:
"I like it. My foundation in coaching came from Coach [Dean] Smith, but I like it even faster [and] I like it even more aggressive. I like for us to attack even more. I do like that approach to basketball and we teach it everyday."


On his confidence now that Lawson is back:
"I couldn't wait for Ty to get back because that only makes our team stronger. But at the same time, just like when Bobby [Frasor] went down, and [when] Ty went down, I took it as a blessing in disguise. Not only for myself, but just for the whole team. It helped us come together."



On scoring well in transition:
"When we inbounded the ball, I just wanted to get to an open spot. ‘Q' and Tywon did a great job pushing the ball up the floor and finding us out in transition. I just tried to find an open spot, and they found me."

On the team's mindset when Clemson made their run:
"I think we just wanted to continue to attack. They kept their press going and they got some turnovers, but we just wanted to continue to attack. That's what we had been doing all game long and it was successful for us, so we didn't want to back off and play tentative. We wanted to continue to attack."



On the benefit of playing close games in the tournament:
"First of all, I think it really prepares us because we know in the tournament every team is going to be tough. When we came out here this week, these teams played really tough and really aggressive. We did well, and I think that's the type of atmosphere that we'll face in the tournament."

On the bench players:
"A lot of guys stepped up, starting with ‘Q' when Ty got hurt. His confidence is really good. He's playing real well and he's really established himself as a leader. And then when Deon [Thompson] got hurt, Alex [Stepheson] came in there and I think he got some big rebounds for us."

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