UNC-UL: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough and Marcus Ginyard, who spoke to the media following the 83-73 victory over Louisville in the NCAA Tournament's Elite Eight at the Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, N.C.

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ROY WILLIAMS PC (including Hansbrough & Ginyard)


On this team's focus:
"They are focused young men. They have dreams and hopes. I've said many times this year, we don't deal in other people's expectations. They don't have anything invested in it like these kids do. When the score did get tied, Tyler came down and he got a layup. And he showed a lot of poise because he faked, and guys were flying around, and I think this is the right one, and he ended up laying the ball up. And then we go down and get a stop, and he comes down and he scored again. And we go down and they miss, and we come down and I think we're up four, and we pass it around and it gets knocked out of bounds. And it was our ball out of bounds underneath. And it's one of the times Louisville was playing man to man. And I called a set play for Ty to get a shot from the corner, and he stepped up and knocked in the three.

"So it was something where the kids were able to step up and make plays, they are focused, they're tough kids. We still don't guard people as well as I would like for us to guard, with Louisville shooting 50% for the game. But we did get some stops down the stretch, and they had some turnovers and things that helped us as well."

On Hansbrough:
"You guys have heard it before, he does the same thing in practice every day. I mean, the young man is the most driven, most focused youngster I've ever seen in my life to try to be the best player he can be and to help his team win. And twice during a late time-out he yelled, ‘Hey, come on, let's finish this off.' One other time he said, ‘Come on guys, let's go.' He's not a rah-rah individual. When he says something like that, they listen to him.

"But, I mean, 28 points and 13 rebounds and being willing to take those shots. But he does, last week, I forget which day it was that we had off, he was in the gym two and a half hours on the off-day. So for Rick to say it, it was fantastic. I compliment Rick for making a youngster feel like that, I think that's great. But that's Tyler Hansbrough. And that's Tyler Hansbrough at practice every day. That's Tyler Hansbrough in the off-days. It's what he is.

"And I've said that when that young man takes the Carolina blue uniform off and doesn't put it on, I'm going to sit on top of the Smith Center or whatever and sit there for an hour and realize how lucky I am to have coached that youngster."

On Davidson's run:
"I would say I'm a little surprised, you beat a 2 seed and a 3 seed, and I think that's what they've done. I think Georgetown is a 2, Wisconsin was a 3. That's been sensational. I think Steph Curry's accomplishments in the games that he's played have been phenomenal. I really haven't watched a lot of other games but I've seen the highlights on Sports Center, and he's just been phenomenal. I knew they were an extremely good basketball team.

"You know, they had UCLA by 18. They played us and lose a close one. They lose a close one to us by 4, a close one to Duke by 6. So when you think about that, you shouldn't be surprised, but maybe I'm just not as big of a fan of the other teams or the Selection Committee or what's going on. I'm so focused on our club, but to beat a 2 and 3 seed to get to the final eight is amazing."



On knocking down those two late jumpers:
"Well, to be honest with you, I kinda felt like they were both going in when they left. I was confident. But, you know, in that situation, the clock was winding down, so I knew it was a good shot. And I felt confident. We work on it every day in practice. The bigs do, and it's nothing that -- it just carried over to the game."

On his feelings about going to the Final Four:
"My feelings right now are great. Definitely I've never been -- it takes all of those past experiences away. But also, at the same time I feel like we want to accomplish more. Marcus said something to me as we were walking in here, it feels like we did something big, but we can also do something bigger."


On Tyler's shots down the stretch:
"I'm just going to say the same thing Coach Williams says, he's made that shot each and every day hundreds and hundreds and thousands of times. He shoots that shot every day before practice. Every off-day he's in there shooting those shots. And everybody on this team feels confident when Tyler shoots those shots. And I told him during the game, at halftime we were talking about using the screen on the ball and having Tyler pop up and knock that shot down. Everybody is confident in it. He's confident in it and we know he can make it."

More on Hansbrough:
"You know, Tyler is a big-time player obviously. So you've got to find a way to give a player like that the ball to give him the opportunity to make those big-time shots like that. It says even more about Tyler, the fact that he's ready and the opportunity presents itself, he's there and he's got the guts to knock the shot down."

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