Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday during a special NCAA Final Four teleconference.

Did you watch the Kansas-Davidson game yesterday?
"I Tivo'd it. I didn't watch it all the time because I didn't want to watch all the commercials. But it was a great game to watch as a fan. You and I have personally talked, and I've talked to other people, if I was ever going to play Kansas again this is the only way I would want it to happen. In fact, I wish it would happen on Monday night instead of Saturday.

"But they're a great team. I've said it all year long. I'm so impressed with what they're doing defensively and the balanced scoring. They can play slow, fast, defend, score with inside shooting and score outside. I'm really impressed by them and when they would show the sideliner sights of the crowd. I was able to see some people that really, really enjoyed having them team for my team for 15 years."

On UCLA's run to three straight Final Fours:
"It's mind-boggling. On our staff, we're coming back on the bus and one of the guys said, 'Coach, this is four of the last seven years we've been in the Final Four.' And I said, 'That is unbelievably hard, but Ben Howland has been there three years in a row.' It's mind-boggling what Ben's done. It's extremely impressive. And, guys, this is hard to do. And to be able to do that three years in a row is just mind-boggling. I don't have enough adjectives, enough vocabulary to describe it. "So it was a good feeling. And I know the general public that are not Kansas fans probably like the long-shot idea of Davidson, and Davidson has to feel great about what they did. But it was a big-time basketball game."

Do you think this is the most talented Final Four in a long time?
"I think it is the most talented. Obviously you can say it's the only time there have been four No. 1 seeds. But I do believe probably -- and I would say it strongly -- the teams that have had the four best years in the country. Tennessee, Louisville, those guys could say some things about that as well. And Texas, too. But I think those four teams that are there have really had great years and deserve to be there.

"In 2003 I was involved in a regional that I thought was like a Final Four because it was Kansas, Notre Dame, Arizona and Duke out in Anaheim at the regional. But I think this is a Final Four that who knows what the game is going to be because those teams are so good defensively and different styles. It could end up being ugly games, but they're awfully talented teams out there."

Are there still some strong feelings for Kansas?
"I gave some school, some basketball programs, some state, whatever you want to call it, and especially the players, 15 years of my heart, body and soul. So I'm never going to lose that. Some of the greatest memories in my life were at Kansas. I'm never going to lose that. I'm never going to lose their appreciation for basketball, their passion for basketball.

"I'll always appreciate that and love that. Each and every year it gets different because the players that I left there are gone. We recruited Jeremy, but everybody else is gone. And we knew Darnell, he used to come up to games. We knew Darrell used to come up for games. But this is Bill's team. This is the University of Kansas's team without Roy Williams.

"I can put it to you this way: In my summer camp we have a lot of little kids running around and they're instructed on the first day they can wear North Carolina stuff or they can wear Kansas stuff, but they can't wear anybody else's stuff.

"And that's the way I'm always going to be. I'm going to be always be a huge Kansas fan. There were some things said or done that hurt at first, but time has a way of healing things and I am hopeful it will heal with some people that still may have some bad feelings.

"But the good news is it's a wonderful Kansas team playing a wonderful North Carolina team on college basketball's biggest stage. And I wish it would be Monday night as opposed to Saturday."

How's the team's health?
"The crazy thing is the very last play of the Louisville game Ty tweaked his ankle a little bit. I was scared about that. But he came yesterday for treatment and said it felt fine. But it scared him a little bit and scared us a little bit. When we were on the bus coming back and watching the game tape on the bus, half the players were asleep and the whole bit, but as soon as he did that we sort of looked at each other as a coaching staff.

"But other than that, knock on wood, I'm hitting my head right now, but knock on wood, we're about as healthy as we've been in a long time."

On how tired he was after winnning the 2005 title:
"There's no question it was all a little bit of a blur, but I can remember winning on April 4th, coming back here on April 5th, have a little celebration here at the Smith Center and take the staff and our wives out to dinner and everybody's falling asleep at dinner.

"So we go home and Joe Holladay and I meet at 6:00 a.m. to head on the recruiting trail and we go to Oak Hill to see Ty. I was concerned the only time in my life -- I think I'm right -- probably think a little bit slower, but the only time in my life I've ever gotten a car service to take me because I didn't trust my driving for three hours or Joe's driving for three hours when we hadn't slept. We got a car service to take us up there. We're both in the back seat trying to sleep."

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