UNC Friday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, Danny Green and Marcus Ginyard, who spoke to the media at the Alamodome as the Tar Heels prepare for Final Four action against Kansas on Saturday.

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Are you tired of the questions pertaining to your history with Kansas?
"There's no question that I am tired of it. I hope I didn't really insult somebody. But there was a camera that was in front of me on Wednesday night as soon as we got off the bus. The first question was, ‘Coach, what about this Kansas thing?' I said, ‘You've got to be more original than that. I've only answered that about 700 times.'

"But I am glad that not only is that question over with, I'm glad that we can get to coaching and getting ready to play the game. This practice this afternoon is not my idea of a practice, but I'm glad to be able to get out there on the court with the kids. We practiced at 11:00 this morning and had a good workout. With only 50 minutes, I don't think there's a lot we can do. We'll shoot around a little bit. But to me, it hasn't been a very big distraction."

On Kevin Love's recruitment:
"I think it probably is true that we've never put that kind of focus on one guy 'cause he's the only guy we offered a scholarship to. We had one scholarship to give. There were a couple other guys that we really wanted to be involved with a little more heavily than we were, like Kyle Singler, for example.

"But with only one scholarship available, we thought there could be one of our guys leave, so it would be a really important spot for us to fill. Spent a lot of time. I think, oh, three trips probably to Portland myself, much less the rest of the staff. But a great youngster who has shown that all that interest was well-deserved."

On what's more important in the NCAA Tournament, offense or defense:
"I think there's a little bit of both. I think you used the best word, 'cause you said ‘balance.' I don't think that you can live and die just on one. But if I had to say the one that's the most constant is the defensive end of the floor. The four teams that are here right now, Kansas and UCLA, are fantastic defensively. They just undress you. Memphis and North Carolina, Memphis plays so hard and athletically, they block a lot of shots, they intimidate you around the basket. We're somewhere in between those. We haven't done it exactly like we wanted to by any means.

"But teams can score. When you get to this level, the teams that are here most of the time are going to be those most gifted players that carry us coaches along. It's not just us that put them here, it's those gifted players.

"I want to be able to score on people and I want to be able to do it really quickly. That's just the way I am. But at the same time I don't want somebody else to be able to score on me easily. But I think you have to have the balance to win the whole thing. But I have. I've said this before. I have never seen a bad defensive team in the Final Four."

On having four No. 1 seeds in the Final Four:
"I think it makes it special looking at it on paper, but not just for that. I mean, the quality of the programs and what they accomplished to get here. It's hard when you're expected to be there because that other team is even more focused. I think there was a little bit of pressure there to say, ‘Oh, gosh, the other three have made it, we have to make it, too.'

"But the quality of the programs is extremely important. But the quality of this year's teams is so impressive. I do believe it's the greatest gathering of any four teams at a Final Four. I think the record will substantiate that."



On Tyler Hansbrough:
"He's probably the hardest worker I've seen, played with or played against. He's a different person on the court. He's an animal. He goes hard for the ball. It's amazing how hard he plays. He never gives up a play. He does it every play down the court. He's just a tough player, a tough-minded player."

On his ankle:
"I'm just now starting to trust it. Probably after the Washington State game, that's probably when I started trusting it more and more. I feel like I've got the same strength. I feel like I'm a hundred percent now and I can take off on it. The only part I'm worried about is landing on it after jumping. Other than that, everything is good right now."

On Kansas:
"I think it's definitely the best team we played all year, the fact that they're so deep, have so much talent coming off the bench. I think, you know, just the transition and the way they like to get up and down the court is similar to us."

On Hansbrough:
"He opens up a lot of things for our perimeter, attracts so much attention. Teams have to go down and double him. That opens up so much. I think for us, we just complement him. When he's doubled, you know, he can throw it out, you know, rely on us to knock down those open shots. I think it opens up a lot for him inside, as well."



On playing outside of the state of North Carolina:
"It is not anything new for us. We have a winning record on the road. We have great support from our fans. There are only four teams left, so hopefully we will have a lot of fans here."

Any added pressure playing Kansas?
"We don't feel any added pressure. It is just the pressure we put on ourselves. We don't have any added pressure just because Coach is playing [Kansas]."



On Kansas' perimeter threats:
"They are all big-time players. We know it is going to be a challenge. They are tough and we have to do everything we can to slow them down."

On making the Final Four:
"We are not downplaying this accomplishment at all. We have arrived in San Antonio with a great attitude and mindset. Our goal is to win this two-game tournament. We looked at every couple of rounds as a two-game tournament and that has helped us focus."

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