Kansas Friday PC Quotes & Audio

Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from Kansas head coach Bill Self, Darrell Arthur, Mario Chalmers and Sherron Collins, who spoke to the media at the Alamodome as they prepare to face North Carolina on Saturday night.

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On Sasha Kaun:
"Well, Sasha, he played a little bit as a freshman. Probably played 10 or 12 minutes a game, both he and Darnell [Jackson], as freshmen. Then, he basically has been a starter ever since. His first game his sophomore year he gets 25 and 16, I believe. May have been against Idaho State or someone. I'm thinking, ‘Hey, we're going to take off.' He had a good sophomore year, but not great. From a production standpoint, he became a little bit inconsistent, although he was a starter all the way through.

"Then I really feel this year Darnell outplayed him early in the season, so we flipped them. Darnell really blossomed in that starter's role. To be honest with you, for whatever reason, Sasha became better off the bench. I don't think it was a pressure thing or anything like that, but just mixing things up a little bit, Sasha got a lot better. He's been a very consistent performer for us this year. To be honest, in the last three weeks he's probably been our best inside player. He certainly carried us in Detroit as an inside presence against Villanova and against Davidson."

Comparing Michael Beasley and Tyler Hansbrough:
"Well, I think from a scoring standpoint, Michael scores in more ways. He was 8 of 11 from three against us. If Tyler goes 8 of 11 tomorrow, we've got some serious issues. I do think that Michael scores in more ways. I do think Tyler is more relentless in going after balls. He's getting 80 percent of the 50/50 balls. He doesn't allow himself to be blocked off. He just has a mindset to him that few people have.

"I'm not saying Michael doesn't play hard. I'm just saying that's what Tyler takes great pride in. But they are similar in the fact you have to give them so much attention to give your team the best chance. But I would say this – no disrespect meant towards K State at all, but we could devote more attention to Michael. You give Tyler all that attention, they're some other guys out there that can go for 20 any night, and multiple guys. I think the balance around Tyler is also one thing that makes him especially hard to guard."

On Kansas fans rooting against Roy Williams on Saturday:
"I think if our fans, which we have as good of fans as anybody, spend all their time rooting against an individual, then their energies aren't channeled in the right direction. It's the same way with me. I'm not spending my time in the press conference or whatever worrying about Coach Williams. I'm worried about North Carolina.

"I really think from a logical standpoint, and sometimes that word doesn't always ring true with fans that have a vested interest in what's going on, but five years is enough time for things to be let go. I've said this many times. I have a better job at Kansas because Roy Williams was a coach at Kansas. I also am glad he's at North Carolina because if he wasn't, then I wouldn't be at Kansas.

"So from my vantage point, all the animosity that is portrayed, which I don't think is quite as great as what some people do, is just a backhanded compliment, that they didn't want him to leave. So I hope it's an unbelievable game. It should be. Got fabulous athletes. But I hope it's Kansas against Carolina and not Kansas fans against Roy because I guarantee our players could care less about anything other than North Carolina's players."



On Tyler Hansbrough:
"He's a nice player. He has the will to go after the ball. He has the mindset where he's going after every rebound offensively and defensively. So it's going to be a tough challenge for us. But as long as we keep a body on him and keep bodies on him, then we're going to do a good job."

On what Coach Self said about getting to the Final Four:
"The tough part was getting here, now we can just let the shackles down and go play our basketball. We didn't do a great job against Davidson. It was a tough win for us. But now we can go out there and play. Carolina likes to play up and down and we like to play fast, too. So we've just got to go out there and play Kansas basketball."

On if he thought Davidson's last shot had a chance:
"No, I saw that the shot was going to be off when he let it go, because he was fading to left, [and] his shot went left. I was just relieved that he didn't get a good look at it. Me and Sherron ran at him. I just was relieved we were going to the [Final] Four."

On Hansbrough:
"We've just got to do a good job on Tyler, makes sure he works for all his points, make sure we keep a body on him the whole game and make him work for everything."

On forward Sasha Kaun:
"I think Sasha will be very important. He allows us to bring a defensive presence in the post. He's a good defender down there, tough, rebounds the ball, do a lot for us. For him to stay out of foul trouble, it would be perfect for us."

On what Coach Self said about getting to the Final Four:
"Mostly said we just can't be satisfied with being here. Getting here was a good accomplishment, but getting here and losing, not winning, you know, is -- you've got to feel the salivation in your mouth because you guys are close, but aren't there yet. I think that's the biggest thing he's been telling us, not to be satisfied. It's our last two games. We're looking for two games. Go out there, give it our all, leave it all out there."

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