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HAMPTON, Va. --- Watch (and read the transcript from) an interview with the junior wing from Friday at the Boo Williams Invitational as the Tar Heel target talks about his game and his recruitment ...


Is your school list still the same?

"Yeah, it's still North Carolina, Duke, Memphis, Tennessee, Ohio State and Georgetown."

When you looking to make a decision?

"Hopefully I'll make my decision this year, probably between this summer and the next school year."

Who will help play a role in your decision?

"It's just me and my family, those close to me, to see what's best for me."

In comparing the schools on your list, what are some of the main things you differentiate?

"Coaching staff, I look at that. Players, I look at that, to see who's been there. And also style of play - I like to watch their style of play, I like to play fast and up tempo."

When you look at North Carolina and Duke, what tempo do you prefer?

"They both run a lot. [laughs] They both spread it out and attack, but also get it to their big men."

Which head coach has been the most involved from those schools?

"Well, Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams came down to Memphis a lot of times, but I'd say the local teams because I'm local kid to Memphis and Tennessee so they are coming after me hard."

Are any schools putting pressure on you to decide soon?

"It's not the schools, just mainly the people in my environment who say I should commit right then. Right now I'm just taking it as it goes, being calm, weighing my options and looking at every school."

Is there one particular thing you're looking for at a school?

"I know a lot of college coaches say I might have to run into a rotation, but I'm going to work hard to try and get a starting position, but I just want a college team that's going to push me and get me ready for the next level. ... I love competition."

How big a factor is Elliot Williams in your recruitment?

"Me and him are real good friends and he does edge me to go down to Duke, but right now I'm just looking. We do talk, but ..."

If you're going to make a decision this summer, you'll need to take some visits soon. What schools do you still want to visit?

"I haven't visited Duke, North Carolina, Georgetown or Ohio State. I've been to the local schools -- Tennessee and Memphis -- but I really want to visit those schools."

With your busy summer schedule, when could you find time to take those visits?

"We have some breaks - our AAU coach gave us some breaks in May and June, so hopefully I can get out there during that time."

What college coach do you call the most?

"I don't talk to any coach the most. I just do the same thing, I call one school, the next school and the next school ... I don't want to show any favoritism."

You were scheduled to attend the UNC-Duke game in Durham, what happened there?

"I had some family business to take care of, so I called the coaches and told them I wouldn't be able to make it."

What have you been working on the most since the end of the high school season?

"Just ballhandling -- working the point ... a lot of coaches said I'll be dribbling the ball, so I'm working on my ballhandling so I can be the point out here."

You played some at both guard spots today - what position do you see yourself playing at the next level?

"I'm not sure right now. I mostly like playing shooting guard, but I'm enjoying the point guard, too. It makes no difference to me - whatever coach wants me to do, I'll do it."

What role do you have with this team?

"Coach told me I've got to be a floor general getting people into the offense, but at the same time if I feel my team is in need, I've got to take over the game. ... I just feel things out, getting everybody into the game and when I feel like I've got to step my game up, that's when I step my game up."

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