BWI: UNC Prospect Evals

HAMPTON, Va. --- Inside Carolina concludes its coverage from the Boo Williams Invitational with scouting reports on the UNC prospects in attendance ...

Kendall Marshall - The future Tar Heel didn't spend much time shooting the ball in Hampton. Instead, he was diming up teammates with on-the-mark passes and running the impressive BWSL machine. Given the sophomore point guard's still tender age, you have to appreciate his feel for the game and that combined with excellent height for his position makes him tough. Some out there are going to question his athleticism, but you don't need a 40-inch vertical to run a team and he's going to get stronger and quicker as he matures. As the summer goes on and the new group gels, it's likely that he'll look a little more comfortable than he did at times over the weekend. At the end of the day he had to have been doing something right since his team came home with a title.

Leslie McDonald - After bursting onto the national scene as a stringy 6-3 guard at the 2006 Nike Hoop Jamboree, McDonald hasn't lacked for an audience when he hits the floor. Now a 6-4 rising senior, McDonald is a mature, smart and sound guard. He likes to attack off the baseline and has improved his ability to score going to his left. He's not a real risk taker so he won't turn the ball over much, but he could use a little more wiggle in his game when it comes to freeing himself for scoring opportunities. A good two foot leaper, he exploded for a few dunks off of drives, while demonstrating good range on his respectable jumper. The plus with him is that he's a good defender and a mature guy who should be ready to step right in and be ready for college hoops.

Travis McKie - Playing in the 16-and-under division, the lanky 6-6 sophomore forward created a solid buzz at Boo. Coming off a big sophomore season, he certainly produced during game action. While locals swear that he is a natural wing forward, he looked like a natural power forward and played mostly on the interior where he used his smarts, length, soft touch around the rim and hustle to control the action. A good leaper who runs the floor with smooth strides, he does look a little upright at times when moving laterally. Whether or not he's a three -- as locals say -- or a four man with some potential to expand his game, the biggest key will be whether or not he can consistently separate from smaller, and quicker defenders off of the dribble.

Tristan Spurlock - North Carolina is now showing interest, joining a list that includes Georgetown, Maryland, North Carolina State, Florida State, Texas and others. Spurlock is a fine looking 6-7 wing who has a good stroke to beyond the three-point line and the fight and bounce to score on the interior. He'll even use a shot fake and then a dribble or two to duck in for pretty pull-ups if needed. He rebounds, runs the floor and is a versatile defender. A humble and well mannered kid, he did as much to boost his stock as any player in attendance this weekend.

Xavier Henry - More than likely it's really down to Kansas and Memphis for the 6-6 lefty shooter's services, but he still lists North Carolina so we'll go ahead and cover him here. He scored 16 quick points Friday night before suffering an ankle sprain that forced him to sit out two pool play games on Saturday. Showing considerable toughness, Henry fought through the injury for three playoff games and helped his Athlete's First team to the finals, but he wasn't his usual self. Injury aside, there's no question that he's still among the premier talents nationally in the class of 2009.

Ryan Kelly - All the thin face up four man does is look a little more confident each time out. At 6-9, he's got a silky smooth jumper, deep range and pretty quick release. Because of his size and high release point, his jumper is tough to defend and he's really crafty away from the ball, which allows him to get wide open for scoring opportunities. He gets pushed around a bit due to his lack of bulk and didn't always get the touches he deserved, but he just keeps fighting through and playing ball.

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