Real Deal: Nolan Dennis Spotlight

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Nolan Dennis, a 6-4 guard from Richland Hills (Texas) Richland, and his Dallas Mustangs teammates welcomed the high level of competition at this weekend's Real Deal on the Hill.

"Everybody is on the same level [here], the competition is just greater," said Dennis. "It's kind of like everybody is ready for college and it's making me better. I adjust quick, but it's a big adjustment. You have to come out ready to play every game."

Rated among the best guard prospects in the class of 2009 because of his ability to handle, create from the mid range and his overall versatility, Dennis knows that there are guys coming at him looking to cement their reputations the same way that he went after big name guys a couple years ago to make a name for himself.

"I'm not the underdog anymore," Dennis told Inside Carolina. "Two years ago I was the underdog and I was trying to come at the big dogs. Now everybody is coming at me and I have to hold my own.

"It increases my competition and increases my play, it just makes me better."

On the recruiting front, Dennis was at first reluctant to give a list of a schools that are most interested in him.

"It's going good, I'm just having fun and will be going to different colleges this summer. It's starting to settle down a little," said Dennis, when asked about his recruitment. "I'm still wide open and I'm going to narrow it down sometime after the summer."

Upon further prodding, Dennis did reveal a pair of schools that were pushing hard in his recruitment.

"I know Memphis and North Carolina are on me hard," said Dennis. "That goes along with Texas and it keeps going from there."

Among the other schools Dennis mentioned were Kansas and UCLA and he said that he's going to try and schedule summertime visits to all of the schools involved before cutting things down.

As for Carolina's approach in his recruitment, Dennis said that they have the same goals he does.

"They really want to win a national championship and they want me to be a part of it," said Dennis. "They think I could be a part of that and they [recruit] me hard because they just want to win a championship and that's what I'm trying to do."

With North Carolina head man Roy Williams sitting in the stands, Dennis got off to a slow start Saturday versus Chicago-based Meanstreets. A slinky off guard who can handle the ball, he's at his best pulling up for mid-range jumpers or adjusting speeds to get into the lane and create at the rim. His thin frame means that opponents try to get physical with him and he's in the process of adjusting to playing with lots of contact. While he can hit from as deep as the three point line, he's at his best shooting off the move and is already very comfortable reading pick and roll situations or shooting while going to his left.

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