UNC-Clemson: Locker Room Report

CHAPEL HILL, NC -- UNC's Jeb Terry, Chris Hawkins, and C.J. Stephens talk about the Tar Heels' 42-12 loss to the Clemson Tigers in Kenan Stadium to end the season winless at home.

Jeb Terry

You started off OK. Did you feel good about the safety and the touchdown?

We felt great about the start. I thought we had some momentum going, and then they had that 80-something yard play. I still felt we could get things going, and it was the same ol' damn story--penalties crept up on us, and you saw the end result.

You guys had a chance to score at the end of the half. It was 14-9, you didn't score; they did. How deflating was that?

That was bad. Going into halftime down 14-9 is a lot different than going in 21-9, especially under those circumstances. It would have helped a lot if we could have converted. We didn't, and it had a lot bigger impact than just on the scoreboard.

After a good season at home last year, how tough is it to walk off the field winless at home this season?

It's horrible, especially having a loss like this. What are our fans supposed to cheer for now? We've embarrassed our fans and the university. It's not a good spot to be in right now.

When they scored in the third quarter, that amounted to back-to-back touchdowns. Was that the straw that broke the camel's back?

I don't think our camel's back is too strong right now. If we could have answered one of those times--just once--who knows what could have happened? We didn't answer even one of their touchdowns. Good teams do that, and we didn't today.

Chris Hawkins

What happened on the long pass before the half? It looked like the ball was up for grabs.

The receiver ran post. He got on top of me for a bit. The ball was in the air for a while, I recovered, and he just made a play on it. It was up to me or him to make the play, and he made the play on it. It was a jump ball.

Did he have a height advantage on you?

Nah, it wasn't a height advantage. He just made the play. It was a great catch.

Would you have ever imagined that you wouldn't win at home at all this year?

No, sir. I never imagined that. We work really hard. I think we are going to have a great program. We are going to work hard for next year, but we still have two games left. Hopefully, we can get a win.

I still couldn't believe it when I went in the locker room. It hurts. I still have two more years. I feel bad for the seniors, that we couldn't get them a win on our home field.

C.J. Stephens

On the touchdown, how did that play develop? Was Blizzard your first option?

Number one option is relative to the coverage and the look we get. The way it worked out, he was open. We executed that play well. We executed a number of plays well, but, unfortunately, we executed a number of plays poorly. To be successful, we have to stay at a high level and maintain it throughout the game.

How deflating was it not to be able to score at the end of the first half and then to have them go down and score?

We were extremely motivated at halftime. Regardless of the time of the game, we are doing everything we possibly can to win. Those are the plays that define the game, unfortunately. Whether it's a play here or there, it's often five or six plays that make an enormous swing like that. It can be difficult to over come. That was just one of them.

What were your feelings when it looks like Sam Aiken makes an acrobatic catch to put you in scoring position and then it's coming back?

We have, unfortunately put ourselves in a situation where we are almost very good at a lot of times. We almost put together the perfect drive, and we almost get down and score and put points on the board. But almost doesn't count.

I think Sam made a great play on that ball. It was unfortunate that it got called back. Those are the defining plays that are difficut to overcome. If you think about it, it's a 50-yard pass, and you get a 15-yard penalty out of it. That's a 65-yard swing, and that's difficult to overcome. Through penalties and mistakes we continue to put ourselves in difficult situations.

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