UNC Offers Oklahoma LB

Butch Davis and John Blake reached into their old stomping grounds and extended a scholarship offer to a linebacker that is emerging onto the national radar – Gus Jones, a 6-foot-2, 210-pounder from Wagoner (Okla.).

Roughly a month ago, Dale Condict, Wagoner High's head football coach, sent an estimated 30 highlight tapes of his star linebacker to select colleges. Among the first coaching staffs to respond was North Carolina.

"After Coach Blake took a look at it, he was pretty excited and called me and then asked me some questions about Gus," Condict said. "And then he went back and showed the video to Butch [Davis] and they called and made the offer."

Both Blake and Davis were blown away by the highlight reel.

"I think a lot of it was he plays with tremendous effort and he has really good instinct for playing linebacker – that's the thing I keep hearing from people," Condict said. "He's a very physical kid. And I think he's the type of kid that people know if they get him to their [school] he's going to stick. He's a good kid that will stay there, work hard, and contribute."

In addition to UNC, Jones has been offered scholarships by Missouri, Texas Tech, and Wyoming. Several other schools – mostly from the Big 12 – are highly interested but are waiting to gain more information before following suit.

"Oklahoma State was by this week, Oklahoma is going to be by Friday, Tulsa is coming to watch practice Monday, and Kansas has been here," Condict said.

Jones stars at middle linebacker for Wagoner, where he had 171 tackles and five sacks as a junior.

"He's ‘Mr. Excitement,'" Condict said. "He's a big play guy. He loves playing the game. For us, he makes a lot of big plays. We move him around a quite bit and let him go. He really has a knack for causing fumbles, getting sacks, and creating a lot of havoc. He makes the game look pretty easy for him."

Last season Jones also shared time at tailback with a senior and rushed for 1,000 yards. Condict says Jones will be the featured ‘back this fall, receiving 20-25 carries a game.

Jones doesn't yet have a favorite school, according to Condict.

"I told him he needs to get on campuses and meet everybody, and really get a feel for where he feels he's going to fit best," Condict said. "I don't think he's going into it with one place locked in."

Thus far, Jones has attended spring games at Arkansas, Kansas State, and Oklahoma. He has also unofficially visited Kansas and Tulsa.

According to Condict, Jones plans to travel to several schools he has yet to visit, including UNC.

"He's heard not just from the guys from [UNC], but other people how nice it is and how they're soon to turn the corner," Condict said. "I don't see how they can't [turn the corner] with the guy they have in charge."

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