Signee Update: AJ Blue

Becoming academically eligible in time to enroll this summer appears promising for North Carolina signee A.J. Blue.

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"My grades are good – I've been actually doing well in class," Blue said. "I've been going to a tutor in Greensboro. But this SAT, it just isn't on my side right now."

Blue's core grade point average is in the qualifying range and it should see an additional boost following this semester. The Dallas (N.C.) North Gaston athlete expects high marks in both of his current classes.

Blue is still waiting for the results from the SAT he took on May 3. If he fails to score high enough, he'll take the SAT again on June 7 and the ACT on June 14.

UNC's coaching staff has been supportive of Blue during the entire process.

"Coach Lovett called me late last week and we talked about everything," Blue said. "He's still waiting on me. He told me he supports me no matter what. If it doesn't work, they'll just set me up with Hargrave [Military Academy] for awhile."

Lovett, who served as Blue's primary recruiter, has also assured Blue that if he qualifies in time, he'll be in the mix this fall.

"Coach Lovett said they will use me," Blue said. "… He said ‘If you're worried about playing, don't worry about that. You will play – there is no question. What you need to do is get your head in the books and get everything straight."

UNC's plan is to utilize Blue's versatility in trick plays until a position is found.

"They talked about putting me in on spread offense like they did with Greg Little and just putting me out wide, putting me at tailback [for] a couple of tailback passes – stuff like that just to move me around," Blue said.

"They're really going to try me out at running back, receiver, safety, and I guess whichever is my strong point, that's where I'm going to end up at."

Ideally, Blue, who played quarterback for North Gaston, would like to stay on offense and "score points," as he says. But he's fine with a possible move to safety.

"It doesn't really matter to me," Blue said. "I've played defense before, I just have got to get that hitting mentality back."

When Blue does suit up for UNC, he'd prefer to sport his high school jersey number, but that is currently taken.

"I told [Lovett] I wanted No. 9 and he said Big [Marvin] Austin has that on lock," Blue said.

Following his senior football season, Blue elected not to participate in any sports. In addition to focusing on becoming eligible, Blue has been following the workout routine UNC's strength and conditioning staff sent him.

"That thing is pretty tough," Blue said. "It's a good workout, though, because it burns my legs a lot. I pretty much got the squat and the bench figured out though, because that's always been a top thing for me in the weight room. That's a given right there, but all the leg stuff [it's been pretty tough].

"I think it's been the most fun part for me, because I've just been learning it all."

Blue ended his senior football season at 208 pounds. The workout has helped him put on over 10 pounds of muscle – he now weighs 219 pounds.

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