Wednesday Mike Fox Quotes

UNC baseball coach Mike Fox talked to reporters Wednesday as his team prepares for the NCAA Regional in Cary this weekend. Read excerpts of what he had to say ...

Opening Remarks -

"We're obviously very excited to host a regional for the third time and to be in this position. The week has been fun since Monday. It's always hectic, but it's a good kind of busy. We're certainly glad we're busy this week - the alternative isn't good. We're looking forward to this weekend. Being out in Cary will be a little different, not being in Boshamer, but Cary's been our home this year and we're making preparations to put on as good a weekend as possible."

What's it like for you knowing you have all that experience on your team headed into the poseason?

"I think it's a comfort to me and our staff. I saw a little bit of clips of our players and their comments [to the media] and it amazes me how smart they are ... These kids get it. ... We've been there and done it and I don't think our guys will panic if we get behind early. It's a great comfort to me because you don't always have it one through nine in your order and we have it in the majority of our team."

What sort of attitude are you seeing from your players in their approach to the Regional?

"I don't know if I've seen it yet, but I kind of sense it a little bit. Right now it's just about the preparation, but I know it's there - I know how badly these kids would like to get back to the College World Series. And they know what it takes. We've got a group of players with the experience. It's not so much about redemption of getting back there to the national championship game and maybe winning it all, but it's just about the experience out there that was just so cool. These kids are treated so well there and it's something they're not used to as college baseball players. I think they are excited about that part of it. I think I'll see a different level from them on Friday and hopefully not over the top."

Can you expound about that College World Series experience that these guys have been a part of and what makes it so special?

"As soon as you step off the bus in Omaha, there are people waiting on you, cheering and asking for your autograph. Everywhere you go ... it's neat, and something that I'm sure football and basketball players get it, but it's something baseball players aren't usually used to. ... It's a big event and we try to have fun out there and enjoy it..."

What surprised you the most about the team this season?

"It's surprised how we did, strictly from a baseball standpoint. I never thought in this day and time you could have a team on any level - especially in our league - that would have an ERA under 3.00. That's for sure been the biggest surprise in terms of the baseball aspect of it."

What are your plans for the rotation for the Regional?

"We're throwing Matt Harvey in game one, Alex White in game two and Adam Warren in game three. ... We'll just see how these three games go, who we use and we've got several options [if there is a game four]. We're going to use all the pitchers we have available to try and win these three and then see what happens on Monday ... Patrick Johnson has been our No. 4 all year, but he'll be available for relief the first three games and we have some other guys we could start if need be."

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