Pre-Draft Camp: Day 2 Interviews

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. --- The NBA's Pre-Draft Camp first full day of games was Wednesday at Disney's The Milk House at the Wide World of Sports Complex, and Inside Carolina spoke with Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson following their performances in the evening session.

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That was a tough outing out there today -
"Yes, it was tough. It didn't start as smoothly as I would have liked to have started, but we've got some more games, so I'll be able to redeem myself."

How were Robert Vaden and Gary Forbes able to frustrate you defensively?
"They're both pretty good defenders. We ran a lot of pick and rolls, and they played that pretty well, so they just did a pretty good job with that."

Is this discouraging?
No, no, it's just one game."

Have you signed with an agent?
"No, I haven't signed with an agent."

So you're open to returning to UNC?
"Yes, if I'm not picked as high as I would hope, then yes, I'll go back."

Do you have a range in mind?
"I don't have an exact number, but definitely in the first round."

It's got to be a good feeling for Coach Williams to be here to support you -
"Yes, for Coach to come support us and to come watch us play, that means a lot."



How did your first game go?
"It went good. I just wanted to get my team involved and just make some open shots, or at least shoot the open shots that I got."

You mentioned last night that you wanted to prove to people that your ankle was better. Do you think you did that?
"I think so. My explosiveness is back. I think a lot of people saw that my ankle is a lot better."

On Coach Williams coming down to the camp:
"It shows a lot. He came down here and talked to us, and we're going to dinner afterwards, so I'll get to talk to him a little bit."

Do you have any workouts set up?
" I think I've got six – Sacramento, Indiana, Portland, I think the L.A. Clippers, Denver and the [Washington] Wizards."

What's going to determine if you go or not?
"Probably if I'm No. 20 or higher. If I'm going to like No. 21 or going towards the second round, I'm probably not going to go."

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