Pre-Draft Camp: Day 3 Interviews

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. --- The NBA's Pre-Draft Camp second day of games was Thursday at Disney's The Milk House at the Wide World of Sports Complex, and Inside Carolina spoke with Ty Lawson and Danny Green following their performances.

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Why did you sit out of today's game?
"In drills, Keith Brumbaugh came down and set a screen, and kind of moved on me and stuck his knee out and it hit me right on my [left] hip."

So was sitting out just a precautionary measure?
"Yes, but it hurts a little bit, though."

Any treatment available for that type of injury?
"Probably just ice. There's nothing you can do but time on this, so probably just ice it and wait for it to heal."

How does this affect your status for the rest of the week?
"I'll probably just take it easy and try not hurt anything else. It depends on how I feel tomorrow if I play or not."

Is this problematic for your chances to impress the scouts?
"I don't think so. It will heal in like a week, and that's when my workouts start, so I think it will be alright."

How was dinner last night with Coach Williams and the guys?
"It was good. We talked about a couple of things and had a couple of laughs. It was good to see him come down and visit with us."



How's the ankle?
"The ankle's doing better, but right now, I have other issues that I'm working on. I recently just hurt my hip and my elbow in the game trying to catch an oop from [Jeremy] Pargo… It didn't feel right. My adrenaline after I dropped and hit the floor – everybody said it looked ugly – but I kind of braced myself because I knew it was happening. I was trying to hang on to the rim and ended up slipping off and tried to brace myself and then hit [my elbow]. But then I got back up and my adrenaline kept me going, but after I sat on the bench and got cold, it tightened up.

"The elbow is feeling funny right now, the hip is tight, and they told me, ‘If you can't play, then we're going to have to tell you to come out.' I was trying to keep playing, but they took me out anyway. So it was good, because it wasn't loosening up."

So is your elbow and hip just sore?
"Hip, elbow and ankle are the three things we're worried about right now… But it's a part of basketball. I've got to suck it up and keep playing. I'm trying to ice up and get ready for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll play better tomorrow, because right now, I'm not fortunate enough to be sitting out like these guys and just watching."

Are you going to try to play tomorrow regardless?
"Yes, definitely. I'm not with all of the quitting and sitting out just because I've got little bumps and bruises. I'm hurt pretty bad right now, and of course, I want to sit out, but I'm not fortunate enough. I need to play and show the scouts what I can do, so I'm going to try to play tomorrow."

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