UNC-UNCW: Postgame Quotes (w/audio)

CARY, N.C. --- Following Saturday night's 5-1 NCAA Tournament win over UNC Wilmington, head coach Mike Fox and players Alex White and Kyle Seager talked to the media. Read and listen to what they had to say ...

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UNC Press Conference (Fox, White, Seager)

UNCW Press Conference

UNC head coach Mike Fox
Opening Statement:
"You know it is a well pitched game when you can take the box score and fold it in half... The game started for us just like we wanted and ended pretty much the same way. Obviously Alex started the game with three strike-outs and just kind of set the tone and sent a great message to our team that he was really ready.

"My hat is off to Jeff Hatcher. I thought that it was a great pitching duel. Fortunately we got a couple of big swings of the bat and obviously the story was Alex on the mound. That is why he is the ACC pitcher of the year and why we have no problem penciling him in our biggest games."

On Alex White's performance today compared to last year's NCAA post-season:
"You saw Alex tonight and he is a big-time competitor. He is about as tough as they come. He has grown-up, which you see players do in any sport in college. I think they learn the pace of the game and you see it in every sport at this level.

"You know they're not going to come in as freshman and have success from beginning to end. Last year is over with and Alex is focusing on this year trying to do as well as he can. I mean you learn from failure and I think that is what he did last year."

On Alex White's fast start:
"I think at the start he was under control right out of the gate. When he throws the first pitch in there to the first hitter and establishes strikes with his fastball... that is a key for him. He was under control and not trying to do too much. Just trying to pitch to contact sometimes I think he tries to strike guys out a little too much; in this park it is about throwing strikes and allowing your defense to play behind you."

On the importance of good defense against UNCW:
"You will take pitching and defense every time. That is the name of the game. It is the name of the game, pitching and defense. It is good for us to see in a game where we did not do as much offensively as we would want to. We found another way to win. We did not open the door for them at any point and that is big not to give them a spark."

On the recent quality starting pitching:
"I think consistency the last two starts from each of them has been about as good as they have been all year long. I think that it is consistently with their work. Staying hungry between their starts and doing all of their work and Coach Forbes has been working with them.

"I think a lot of it is throwing strikes and Adam [Warren] has been as good for us the last two starts as anyone who has gone for us all year, hopefully that will continue [tomorrow]. That is a good sign for us that our starters have been pitching well."

Alex White
Question about the ball that hit him in the arm:
"It was just a one-hopper that hit me right in the forearm. It just kind of stung a little bit. I realized that nothing was seriously wrong, it just hurt a little bit the rest of the game. It did not affect me or my pitches."

Question about his fast start:
"Obviously the key was to work deep into the game and that's what I wanted to do to start the game. My last couple of starts, against Virginia and at Miami, I kind have gotten off to a slow start and put our team in a hole. I wanted to work deep into the game and give us a chance to win."

Question about the key to his performance against UNCW:
"I think the key was [only] one walk. I got ahead of a lot of hitters and threw a lot of strikes. That is what I wanted to do to start the game and see how deep in the game I could go."

Second baseman Kyle Seager
Question on White's performance:
"Well it definitely makes us more relaxed as a team. The way Alex was throwing today, we felt like if we got a couple runs we'd be OK and we wouldn't have to press as much."

On Jeff Hatcher's performance:
"He did a very good job, he threw inside and out. He threw a lot of change ups and had a good little slider. He was tough and he really didn't make too many mistakes. He did a great job of keeping us off balance."

UNC Wilmington Postgame Quotes

Head coach Mark Scalf
Opening Comments:
"It was a heck of a baseball game. Two pitchers went after one another all night long. I thought Jeff pitched outstanding for us, but he had a couple of mistakes and Alex White was just that much better. It was a great college game. I mean, how many times do you see a college baseball game finish in two hours."

On the challenge ahead of them and the importance of their senior leaders:
"Coaches can only say so much. At this time in the year, it's up to the players. They've got to prepare themselves the best way they can. We've got a lot of work to do tomorrow. We are going to have to come out and compete early in the first game in order to get the opportunity to play a second game. I think they'll do a great job of preparing our guys and encouraging them and making sure they're ready to go."

Jeff Hatcher
On the importance of pitching a complete game:
"In hindsight, now that the game is over and we did lose, we are going to need our pitchers to make a run at this thing. So, it's pretty important."

On a career-high 9 strikeouts:
"The slider was working good today. With a line-up like that, you make mistakes and they'll make you pay for it. So, I was trying to keep the ball down and try to keep it away from them as much as possible and stay away from their strengths. It just worked out like that."

Nate Hall
On his analysis of the Tar Heels:
"They're a good team; they've got a great line-up. They play good baseball, but I feel we're just right there with them. We're not intimidated by them or anything like that."

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