UNC-CCU2: Postgame Quotes (w/audio)

CARY, N.C. --- Following Sunday's 14-4 Super Regional win over Coastal Carolina that sends the Tar Heels back to the College World Series, head coach Mike Fox and players talked to the media. Read and listen to what they had to say ...

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UNC Press Conference (Fox, Flack, Wooten, Warren, Ackley, Federowicz)

CCU Press Conference

You're going back to Omaha - what are your thoughts?

Rob Wooten: "Never gets old. We worked so hard for this all year long and we're very fortunate to get back. But we've got some unfinished business to take care of."

Tim Federowicz: "It's a great feeling. It's getting to the point where we're expected to be there and that's where we want to be as a program."

Adam Warren: "It's a pretty amazing feeling. This is a special team and we're looking forward to going out there and competing."

Dustin Ackley: "The biggest thing not only for us who've been there before, but for our freshman that've never been there and they'll get to play on that stage."

Can you talk about handing the ball off to fellow senior Tyler Trice for that final out ... and the standing ovation you got from the crowd as you walked off?

Wooten: "I wanted him to finish the game - he deserves it just as much as I do. He's put four hard-working years in and it was great to see him finish like that. And when you go to a Carolina basketball or football game, and you see a standing ovation, you only think it'd be great to get one for yourself.. It was pretty emotional."

Adam, it looked like it took you a little while to get comfortable, but once you got into a groove, you were pretty dominant.

Warren: "It's always easier when the offensive scores six in the second. After about the third inning I started thinking to just go right at the hitters and let them put it in play - we've got a great defense and they made the plays today."

Can you talk about what makes going to Omaha such a great experience?

Federowicz: "It's the greatest atmosphere on earth. Going out there and being about to play in front of so many fans at this level it's just a great feeling. And it never gets old."

Warren: "I think someone on TV said the other day that it's about as close as you can get to playing in a major league stadium and the fans are great and they treat you like major league players."

Opening Statement from Coach Fox -

Mike Fox: "It is a pretty special day for our program, especially our six seniors. ... I think our team is probably defined by a player like Garrett Gore. Garrett started for us all year and he doesn't play in the first game of the Super Regional and you saw what he did today -- step up and get a key base hit and a sac fly. That probably defined our team more than anything: kids that just want to win and are willing to sacrifice personal achievements. My hats off to Gary and Coastal, what a terrific year they had. Any time you win 50 games at this level, so they have a great team. We just played probably one of our most complete games of the year today when we really needed it."

Chad and Coach - can you talk about the standing ovation Chad got in the 9th inning and what that meant to you?

Chad Flack: "When the fans did that for me, I maybe showed some emotion - wouldn't surprise me if I dropped a tear out there if it wasn't such a competitive game. The fans are great out here and when they show love like that, I'll remember that for a lifetime."

Fox: "The players are the reason you coach and the relationships you have with them ... when it's all said and done, you remember the people and the kids. I remember recruiting Chad and being in his home and him believing that he could help get this program to the next level and I'm glad he believed that and we believed in him. I'm glad he can play another week or so and I get to coach him. He's a special player and a special person."

How did the team's experience factor into a performance like today?

Fox: "I think the experience shows in how we started. We were able to manage through the first inning and then that big second inning for us - we hadn't had an inning like that for us lately. You saw Dustin Ackley at his best today - he's something special, you saw it the last couple days. That kid is absolutely unreal."

Chad, what's it like to know you're going back to Omaha yet again?

: "It means a lot to go back. When I came into this program I believed that my class and the people we had around had a chance to go back if we worked hard at it. We had to believe it ourselves. ... The hard work the team has put in and the hard work the coaches have put in - we deserve it."

Can you pinpoint the biggest reason why this team is headed back to Omaha?

Fox: "It starts with good players - you've got to have talent. And then you have to have a belief. You just have to believe. And I think deep down, I've occasionally dropped a couple hints that I know we're going back - I just feel it. And we all felt that if we do our part, and we don't have any injuries, we can host for one and we can take care of business."

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