McDonald: 'It Was Amazing'

Leslie McDonald was in North Carolina over the weekend. The Memphis (Tenn.) rising senior wing took key unofficial trips to both the UNC and Duke campus, as he hopes to wrap up his decision this summer. McDonald provided with a recap of the visits ...

What were your overall impressions of the visit?

UNC is great. During my visit I talked to the coaching staff and they showed me around their offices. They brought me down to the gym and just let me observe the gym and I saw all of the Carolina blue and UNC emblem. It was amazing.

What else did you get to see?

They gave me a tour around campus and I got to see the dorms, the rec center and the Dean Smith facility and Coach Roy Williams' offices and the whole coaching staffs office and the weight room. They took me, basically, everywhere.

What were your impressions of the players?

They are really cool and really good down to earth guys. They were just really cool and made me feel welcome.

Did you get to play any ball while you were in town?

I shot a couple of shots in the gym and me and my dad shot a couple of shots in the gym. The coaching staff wasn't able to be in the gym while we were doing that, but they gave me and my dad a shooting gun and told me I could put up as many shots as I wanted. I had a little workout there.

What did you think of the Dean Dome?

I can't even explain it, it was so amazing. I was just amazed.

I'm sure you got a chance to sit down with Roy Williams, how did that go?

Roy Williams is a down to earth, real personal guy. He wants to get to know you and he talked about my family and he's more of a family coach and he wants to know about your personal life. He's a real down to earth guy. He's a real good coach and when we talked about my game, he showed me some things that I do really, really well and he was showing me things that I need to improve. All he was telling me was how much he wanted to improve my game.

You then went over to Duke afterwards - what were your impressions of the Duke visit?

The Duke trip was a great trip, too. I didn't know Duke was so close together. Duke is a whole different world. That's what amazed me, because going from Chapel Hill to Durham and then seeing Duke – it's like a whole different world. Their campus has a little gothic look to it, but it's great and they have a great environment and the facilities are great.

As you said, UNC and Duke are very different schools and programs…how would you compare the two and did you see one as a better fit?

I can't compare them because UNC is more of a spacious campus, where Duke is more in a little bubble. But if I was asked which one was the best or which one I felt better in, I just felt welcome in both of them. This is telling you the truth, seeing all of these campuses it's going to be hard to make a decision.

Did UNC and Duke talk about what role you'd play on their teams?

Starting off with Coach K he told me that he really sees me as a player like Gerald Henderson. He compared me to that type of player. When I talked to Roy Williams he talked to me about being a Wayne Ellington and also talked about one of his former players from Kansas, Kirk Hinrich. They showed me some comparisons.

Did either of the schools push for a commitment while you were there?

No, sir. When we were first talking, I talked to Coach K and I talked to Coach Williams - they told me that there wasn't any pressure on me. They just wanted to make me feel like I was home. They told me from the start that there was no pressure and they didn't want to pressure me into committing.

Where do you go from here with your recruitment?

After this I'm going to go home and talk to my daddy and evaluate the schools some more. This evaluation period is almost up because I've visited four out of my five schools and it's time now that I start evaluating these schools and hopefully come up with a commitment.

Do you have a timetable on when you want to get it done?

I want to get it done during the summer.

Having now visited four out of your five schools, do you have a date for a visit to the fifth school - Georgetown?

I haven't set up a date for that. I'm not sure.

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