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Carolina basketball is back--and in a big way! From now until March, thousands and thousands of Carolina fans are going to watch, cheer for, cry over, argue about, and rejoice with the Tar Heels as they seek to bounce back and start a new era of excellence in Chapel Hill.

What better time to reflect upon what it all means--and why being a Carolina fan is so special.

More Than a Game: Why North Carolina Basketball Means So Much To So Many, by Inside Carolina columnist Thad Williamson, does just that, providing an analytic yet sympathetic look at both the particularities of Carolina fandom and experiences common to all sports fans. More Than a Game is a truly unique book--a perfect holiday gift for the thoughtful sports fan, and essential reading for supporters of Carolina basketball.

More Than a Game is now available directly from the publisher for a special online ordering price of $10 plus shipping costs. Inside Carolina readers buying the book before December 20 can get their copy signed by the author! Just write "Inside Carolina reader" under "special instructions" when placing your order.

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or call 617-876-2434.

Here's what readers have been saying about More Than a Game:

"Perhaps the most comprehensive assessment of Carolina basketball ever published. This is, quite simply, the Carolina fan's textbook."–Ben Sherman, editor, Inside Carolina

"Nothing less than an exhaustive study of the spiritual, ethical and sociological dimensions of obsessive Tar Heelism."–Independent Weekly

"I can say after reading More Than a Game that I am thrilled that it was written... The book provides enlightening statistical and descriptive views of the UNC fan while taking a critical look at what we as fans might expect of ourselves."–Frank Heath, Chapel Hill News

"This is THE MUST-HAVE book for any blueblooded Tar Heel...Williamson has written a keepsake for those who treasure what it truly means to be a Carolina fan."–reader in Charlotte, NC

"Williamson's unique position, growing up in Chapel Hill with close connections to the Carolina program, provide him with a perfect vantage point from which to view and analyze the phenomenon that is Carolina Basketball. Part history, part social analysis, part simple fandom, More Than A Game is an extremely interesting and impassioned book which provides the reader with questions to answer for him or herself about extremism vs. a fun hobby."–Ross Rollins, Washington, DC

"To my knowledge, such an honest assessment has never been performed on any team's fans before now, but it's worth the wait. If you've ever felt the Fever, and wondered, even for a moment, whether it was a good thing, pick up this book and let it help you decide for yourself."–Timothy Dransfield, Cambridge, MA

"A great book. The analysis of how fans react to the fortunes of the basketball team is thought-provoking. A necessary part of any sports fan's library"–Douglas Kinne, Plano, TX

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