UNC MLB Draft Notebook

With eight signees and six current players selected in last week's Major League Baseball Draft, their decisions are sure to have a major impact on the future of the Tar Heel baseball program. Inside Carolina spoke with the draftees this week to get an update on the status of their decisions.

Rule 4 ("First-Year Player") Draft: Major League Baseball has an entry draft for prospects from the United States (or US territory) or Canada who fit into several categories -- graduated from high school, completed three years in college, attending a community college, or a player who is 21 years old by the cutoff date.

Signing Rules: The MLB teams have until August 15 to sign the draftees to a contract or they lose the rights to that player and are awarded a compensatory pick in next year's draft. Any player not selected in the draft becomes a free agent able to sign with any team (unless they enroll in college or return to college).


Jason Knapp
2nd Round (71 overall) by the Philadelphia Phillies
"I was pretty relieved...me and my parents and advisors are working on it right now. I do not have a definitive answer for you right now. I don't have a percentage of the odds worked out right now. I don't have to explain how North Carolina is a great baseball program. It is obvious, I am excited about North Carolina - I really appreciated the coaches, but it depends how everything works out. … They want to wait until I graduate [on June 13 before talking about a contract]."

Derrik Gibson
2nd Round (77 overall) by the Boston Red Sox
"I was very happy and surprised and all kinds of emotions were going through me. It was awesome. I can not explain it any other way. It would have to be in terms for me to put my education on hold and give up my college eligibility. It could not be something low compared to going to one of the top baseball powerhouses in the nation. It is tough, I don't know too much - most likely I will be coming down there [to UNC]. …. (6/12 Update:) They really have not made any progress since last Thursday, my advisors are handling everything and we are taking it one day at a time."

L.J. Hoes
3rd Round (81 overall) by the Baltimore Orioles
"I think a lot of teams felt that I had a very strong commitment to North Carolina since I committed so early … its the number one college baseball team in the country, heading to the College World Series. … I plan on meeting with the Orioles and signing my contract on Saturday. The Orioles are a local team and their farm system has a [team] right by my house. I thought I would have gone a little earlier, but I was very happy to be picked by the Orioles."

Tim Melville
4th Round (115 overall) by the Kansas City Royals
"We'll see what they put on the table and we'll negotiate with it. If it feels like a good amount, we'll take it. If not, I'm excited to go to UNC … [The UNC coaches] have given me tons of support throughout this whole process. They're very happy with any decision I make. They just want me to make sure it's the right one." (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Quentin Miller
20th Round (594 overall) by the Pittsburgh Pirates
"It was definitely sweet getting picked and drafted. It was definitely an honor - it is something I have worked for all of my life. It would take a good amount of money to sign me - life changing money. Right now I would say I am going to North Carolina - I have not talked much to the Pirates yet, they are still figuring out things. I don't want to say I'm going to North Carolina or not going to North Carolina, but it looks like there is a good possibility that I am going to UNC. I probably won't know anything until later in the summer."

Garrison Lassiter
27th Round (839 overall) by the New York Yankees
Garrison's father, Cliff: "Coach Fox has talked to us about that, what type of money you should take to pass up an opportunity at Chapel Hill, because that is a super opportunity to go be with one of top programs in the country and an excellent school as well. As a parent who cares about children's education, I kind of wish there was a rule that required kids two years of education in college. And I wonder, if he signs for the kind of money that's being thrown around, is he mature enough to live on his own? Is he mature enough to handle the pressure? … All these kids, they have tough decisions to make. All you can do is just go with your heart, wish for the best, and hopefully no matter which decision you make it's a good opportunity. Just go hope for the best. We're tickled to death for Garrison, for the Carolina opportunity and this professional opportunity." (Winston-Salem Journal)

Jimmy Messer
44th Round (1324 overall) by the Oakland Athletics
"If things don't work out with the A's this summer then I will definitely end up at North Carolina. There is a great chance I will [end up at UNC] and I am excited about it."

Matt Harrison
46th Round (1384 overall) by the Atlanta Braves
"It is a really big honor to be drafted. But I don't think anything can take me away from being a Tar Heel. They realize that there is no way that I am going to pass on going to North Carolina. Over the past summer and the past year, people have asked me about the draft and I have told everyone that I am going to school. … There is no amount of money that it can be worth."


Tim Fedroff
7th Round (231 overall) by the Cleveland Indians
"I found out on the van on the way over to practice. It was exciting. I really try not to think about it and try to stay focused on the team. Me and my parents will sit down and talk it over and see what the right decision is. The decision will be made when the time is right. Since I was young it has always been a dream of mine - to have it come one step closer to being true is exciting.

Tim Federowicz
7th Round (232 overall) by the Boston Red Sox
"It lifted a lot off of my chest. It was something that I wanted it to be over with. I am glad it ended up the way it did and I am happy to just focus on Omaha."

Rob Wooten
13th Round (398 overall) by the Milwaukee Brewers

Tyler Trice
21st Round (647 overall) by the Colorado Rockies

Adam Warren
36th Round (1101 overall) by the Cleveland Indians

Seth Williams
40th Round (1214 overall) by the New York Mets

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