UNC-LSU: Postgame Quotes (w/audio)

OMAHA, Neb. -- North Carolina head coach Mike Fox joined Seth Williams, Ryan Graepel and Alex White at the podium to talk to the media following the Tar Heels' 8-4 victory over LSU in the opening round of the College World Series on Sunday night.

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UNC Press Conference (Fox, Williams, Graepel, White)

LSU Press Conference

Mike Fox
Opening statement:
"It's always good to get the first win here. Any win here is a good win, but the first win is important. I think the game was typical of our team - a team effort. We singled them to death. Things didn't start well for Alex [White] but you got to see how much he's improved from last year. It was a total team effort. We're certainly happy with the win."

On Alex White's performance:
"'Alex, they're not going to let you forget last year.' We joke around about it all the time. You hope kids learn from mistakes. They're older and more mature. Alex has worked very hard and improved, which is to his credit."

Alex White
What was working for you?
"I threw a couple of sliders to the lefties and definitely to the righties – didn't throw any splits to the righties. My best pitch tonight was without a doubt my split, getting the left-handed hitters out on their front foot and just keep them guessing a little bit."

Could you explain the significance of your necklaces and wristbands?
"That's kind of a strange question, but yes, they've been given to me from just people that mean a lot to me. One's from my brother, one's from a friend in high school and another one is just – I had a friend that was killed and one necklace is for him. I always wear this wristband for him. It's just one of those things that I do. I'll probably do it the rest of my life – he's just that kind of person to me."

On his performance:
"Scoring three runs in the bottom of the first inning was the most important thing for us."

Ryan Graepel
On his offensive performance:
"I definitely felt comfortable today at the plate. Something about the batters box set me at ease."

On singling LSU to death:
"When you get guys on base we know from a defensive standpoint, it puts more pressure on the defense."

Seth Williams
On being relaxed at the plate:
"Being here three years in a row, I think I was more relaxed out there. With our offense, we're not going to get beat by one run."

LSU Head Coach Paul Mainieri
Opening statement:
"It was a frustrating game for us. We got off to a great start with the leadoff home run in the first. [Ryan] Verdugo was throwing well in the bottom of the first - a guy was safe on a swinging bunt, a good piece of hitting on a single the other way, a tough play on a grounder - all of a sudden the bases were loaded with nobody out, and I felt like our guy was throwing well. It was a series of tough breaks for us, and we got in a hole.

"They earned what they got, to a certain degree, but we made some mistakes as well. They swung the bats well, but we helped them out with some mediocre defense."

On the number of high-profile teams that have lost in the CWS:
"In today's age, anybody can beat anybody - you have to be ready to play. The teams that deserved to win this weekend won, and the ones that deserved to lose lost. Rice (LSU's Tuesday opponent) is a great ballclub... It's just the state of college baseball today - anybody can beat anybody."

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