UNC-FSU: Locker Room Report

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OL Jeb Terry

On an improved performance

I think we played better this week than previous weeks without a doubt, especially our defense. I think they stepped up. They really did. They played well. They gave the offense some opportunities, especially in the first half. But we couldn't capitalize on those things. But I thought the defense played incredible. I'm real proud of those guys. I think it's gonna be a big turning point for them for the next game and for next year.

On if there was hope when the score was 20-7

Without a doubt. You definitely have to keep hope. There was definitely hope.

QB C.J. Stephens

On being in the game at 20-7

I'm really, really proud of the guys today. We really fought to the end and put every bit of effort forward that we could. We're just at the point right now where we don't make all the plays that we need to make, and sometimes you have to make some big plays here and there and do some exceptional things to be a really good team and we just aren't at that point right now. You know, Florida State is an outstanding team. They are a model for us to look at as the type of program we want to be some day. And I feel like we came in here today and fought hard and have to continue improving over the years and beat them.

On getting a break when Sam Aiken fell on Jacque Lewis' fumble

We've had a bad habit of putting together some good drives and not quite being able to finish or making mistakes, and on that drive we really maintained throughout and didn't make any mistakes (overcame the fumble). So it was big and we needed a score at that time. It would have been nice put more together like that, but we're still learning. I know I am still trying to learn a lot. So, we're just going to continue to try to improve and hope we can repeat that kind of success more often.

CB Kevin Knight

On the defense's effort

I am proud of this defense today. Even though the score doesn't show it, those guys fought their butts off all four quarters, 60 minutes, no matter what the score was. Everybody was fighting, flying to the ball, tackling better.

On the defense being more active, swarming better

Everything was going pretty well. We were getting to the quarterback, flying to the ball. We had a couple of opportunities but we just couldn't come through with it. But we did do some of those things better today.

TE Bobby Blizzard

On his touchdown

We took two shots there. We tried to get me the ball to me twice. The first one he (Stephens) led me too much, but on the one I scored was the same play, right up the gut, and he hit me with it.

On seven ACC losses for just the second time ever

That's rough. I've never been a part of a losing team. I'm speechless right now because I think we could have won the game. But to lose like this is tough. I don't like it but we have to deal with it.

On finding positives despite the 26-point loss I think today was the best we have played in four weeks - on both sides of the ball in the same game. That wasn't our best that you saw out there, but I feel like we were better than we have been in a while and that is something to build on.

WR Jawarski Pollock

On being close late in the third quarter

I felt like we had a really good chance. We moved the ball in the third quarter, got a score and with some plays could have made a game of it.

On playing back in his home state before family and friends

It was great. I just wish we could have won. But I had family here, some friends. It was nice. But we lost, and I am looking forward to coming back here in two years.

C Jason Brown

On having some positives this week as a change from the last month

There were some positives. We know we have the capability to do spectacular things on the football field but it just hasn't come together. We are always an inch, a second, or the slightest little bit from making the big plays that will put us on top. We know that and we are working very hard to make those big plays.

On being 0-7 in the ACC

It's very disappointing. We know we are better than this, but to be 0-7 just doesn't reflect what kind of team I think we can be. We need to go out and make sure it (the losing) stops there.

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