UNC-FSU: Bunting Quotes

TALLAHASSEE, FL - North Carolina football coach John Bunting wasn't happy his team lost for the sixth straight time on Saturday, but he did see some positives in UNC's 40-14 loss at Florida State.

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Here is what Bunting had to say after the game.

There's not much to say, except that's (FSU) one heck of a football team, one heck of a football program, a ton of great athletes. I am very proud of the way our players gave effort today. They battled all the way. It wasn't pretty. Our coaching staff called an aggressive game plan. We had our chances. What might have happened if we made a couple of plays in the first half with some balls we had in our hands. That's sometimes the difference between being a great team and a bad team. That's how close we can be sometimes. But right now, I guess you can say we are a bad team. Our record speaks for it. Some of the scores over the second half of the season speak for it. But you cannot fault in any way the effort. I am proud of these kids. Maybe we can build on that.

It was very frustrating for all of us because those kids did play hard. It's just another loss in the loss column, which is very disappointing. I love playing these kinds of games. I love playing against great teams like Florida State. Our kids did battle but we didn't win and we didn't make enough plays to win. We had some opportunities and some players did step up. We'll see a lot of good things, I'm sure, on the tape. This is a very, very difficult for us right now. We have got to find a way to get ready to play next week against Duke. That's all we can do at this point - this game is behind us. But, I'll tell you one thing, there are some awesome athletes out there on that field for Florida State.

I felt all through the first half that our defense did an incredible job in some very difficult situations. There have been times that we move the football but we do some things that really, really hurt us and prevent us from scoring points. I was really disappointed in the punt team today. I don't understand what took place there today. We had a couple of real bonehead plays. We have to get that straightened out because that shouldn't happen.

Our field position was awful particularly in the first half. It's really, really hard to start from those field positions and expect to get anything done. To the players' credit - they battled, they came down here to play and I'm proud of them for that reason.

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