UNC-LSU: Quotes (w/audio)

OMAHA, Neb. -- UNC head coach Mike Fox and LSU head coach Paul Mainieri talked to the media following Thursday night's postponement as the Tar Heels hold a 2-0 advantage in the top of the first inning.

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Fox and Mainieri

UNC head coach Mike Fox

Opening comments:
"Mother Nature wins again. There's nothing we can do about it. This happens in baseball. Both teams were here for a long time. I think it made sense not to hang around here longer."

Will Matt Harvey still pitch tomorrow?
"I'm in the same boat [as Coach Mainieri]. It's unusual for us. Matt warmed up and did his thing, so he's in the game. But Coach [Scott] Forbes and I will have to talk tonight. We didn't really talk during this delay, so I'm not sure what we'll do about it."

Do they tell you about the weather before you started tonight?
"They told Coach [Mainieri] and I it might get here about 7 p.m., but we were going to start the game. It didn't affect anything we did."

LSU head coach Paul Mainieri

Opening comments:
"I'd like to announce that Mike Fox has agreed to give us a mulligan and let us start the game over tomorrow. It was a rough start for us. It will be a long night for us with the bases load and one out and in a 2-0 hole. It was a long night. An unusual night. The committee made the decision to halt the game."

Will Blake Martin continue pitching tomorrow?
"I was prepared to take him out of the game tonight, even if the delay is not long. We'll see how Blake feels tomorrow and look at all of the options. We're going to sleep on it and still have the bases loaded and one out."

UNC catcher Mark Fleury


How do you handle a three-hour delay?
"You try to be as random as possible, really. Anything that passes the time just works, so that's what we do. And we just like having fun."

Do you worry about your early momentum vanishing?
"Especially that early in the game, you can't worry about momentum in the first inning. Of course, it's good to get two runs right off the bat, but it really doesn't matter. We're glad to have it, but we'd rather have momentum going late into the eighth and ninth innings."

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