NBPA: Kendall Marshall Q&A

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- The 2010 Tar Heel commitment takes time out of his camp schedule to chat with Inside Carolina.

Tell me how this camp is going for you.

Camp is going great. I'm learning a lot, which is good. I'm learning how to play against great players, and I'm learning from the best teachers in the game. I'm playing pretty well, which is encouraging. I'm happy with it.

How is this camp dynamic different from AAU or high school events?

It's a lot different. They stress the little things--the importance of the classroom, the importance of being a role model for others, and you get to learn the little parts of the game that you need.

What are the classes like here? What sorts of things do you discuss?

We discuss everything from how to handle money to how to dine at a table--which fork to use--to dealing with girls and how they will throw themselves at you, just how to handle yourself in all situations.

Do you think that is beneficial?

Definitely, because you don't realize how important [certain] things are, and then you see the life stories of the people who go through it and how it can ruin a career.

This is a little different in that at AAU events you might play three or four games in a day. Here, you play half of each quarter twice a day for the equivalent of basically one game each day. How do you feel about that--would you rather be playing more?

It's good because it's not so much a physical pounding on your body, and you are doing a lot of mental learning in between the games. In the time that you are playing you get to take advantage of it, so you are going to play extremely hard in those 20 minutes because you want to show others how hard you can play and how good you are. You have people playing hard all the time instead of when you are playing a full game, people take breaks and don't go as hard.

What are you learning at the different skill stations, and what is that like?

They are stressing team basketball a lot. Most of the time when you come to camps like the shoe-sponsored camps, you have kids who want to go one-on-one to prove who they are basically. They teach a lot of shuttle drills on offense and defense--how to penetrate and kick, drive for others, how to be a triple threat, stuff like that.

Tell me about the roommate situation with you and Leslie--two Carolina commitments--rooming with two other Tar Heel recruiting targets. How is that going and what are the conversations like?

When we first got to the room and realized we were all there together, Travis McKie and (Ryan) Kelly were like, 'We've been set up.' You have Travis and me in one room and Leslie and Ryan right next door to us, so we are all talking all night, relaxing, just enjoying camp.

Any discussion about recruiting?

Oh, of course, you know, we are trying to persuade them that Carolina is the best place to be, but they are trying hard not to give any hints so--

I heard there was a little "tee-shirt incident."

Yes. Me, Leslie, and Travis were all sitting in the room talking and Ryan came in, just going to bed--he unconsciously had on a Florida tee-shirt so we took it off of him and threw it in the trash.

So you all physically took it off of him? Did it take both of you?

(Grinning) No, he was pretty willing because he realized that he's not even thinking about going there and it was disrespectful to us.

I understand you have been working out with a trainer, and it shows in the weight you have gained in your upper body, even since the Boo Williams Tournament. Tell me about your workout.

It's great. He's Brandon Broadnax of Elevation Training. He focuses on a lot of individual work, and he's been focusing on my trying to get stronger and quicker on the court. Those are the [areas] where I need the most work. He's been doing a great job. I feel stronger on the court. I can get where I want. Defensively, I feel like I'm getting quicker. I'm not where I want to be, but he is helping me get there.

It is easy for most people to understand how you get stronger lifting weights. How do you make yourself quicker?

To get quicker, if we lift weights I push quickly to get the weight up quick, or we do reaction drills where he drops lopsided balls and you have to react to where the are going, stuff like that. I do a lot of one-legged stuff, to strengthen my hamstrings and quads.

How often do you do this?

Usually, two or three times a week.

Do you work on certain muscle groups on certain days, or is it a full body workout?

Usually, what he does is focuses more on upper body on, say, the Monday workout. On Tuesday we do mostly lower body. Then on Thursday we'll do a full body.

You and Leslie are future teammates at UNC. What is it like playing with him now?

It's fun. He's very athletic, a good scorer. He can score in bunches and spurts. As a point guard, it's nice to give it to a player like that when you know most of the time he will be able to finish. It makes my job easy.

How much contact have you had with the Wear twins?

A lot, I eat lunch with them sometimes, walking back to the dorms, hanging with them. They are cool.

How would you describe their personalities?

They are quiet, but once you get to know them and talk to them they open up a lot to you, so it's cool.

What is it like knowing so far in advance who your future teammates at Carolina will be? Does that give you an advantage?

I think it's definitely an advantage because you have that team camaraderie and team chemistry going into college that started two years before, you are going to jell a lot together on and off the court when you actually get to college.

What did you think when you heard that Tywon, Danny, and Wayne are all coming back?

I was excited. I know that definitely ups our chances of winning a national championship next year. A little disappointed this year, but that happens. I think they will come out stronger with a vengeance to win.

You say "our" chances as if you are already part of the team.

Oh, definitely. I feel like I am part of the Carolina family now and forever. Once you graduate, you are still a part of that Carolina tradition so I consider myself a part of the family.

I saw Sean May here yesterday. Did you get a chance to talk to him?

A little bit, actually. I, Bob Gibbons, Sean May, and Leslie McDonald all took a picture together so that was nice.

He is in the pantheon of Tar Heel basketball. What were your impressions of him?

When I used to see him it was like, 'That's Sean May from Carolina.' Now when I see him it's like, 'He went to my school, where I'm going. I'm going to be a part of what he was a part of, so it's a good feeling.

How are you treated differently since you are now Kendall Marshall, "future Tar Heel basketball player"?

From a player's perspective of who I play against, if I'm going to Carolina, which is the almighty school, they are going to want to go at me. They are going to want to take it to me and prove, 'Hey, I'm just as good if not better than this kid.' Now I know that every time I go out on to the court I have to perform because all eyes are on me.

What is the schedule for the rest of the summer?

Next week, I leave for the Steve Nash Camp. I'm looking forward to getting to learn a lot from him since he's there the whole time. Then the following week I get to go to the Lebron (James) Camp when the Paul Pierce and Amare (Stoudemire) Camps all come together. After that we have Peach Jam down in Georgia for the top 24 Nike teams. Then we leave for nationals in July for a week or two, and then I'm going to Europe for a week or two with my high school team.

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