NBPA: Meet the Wears, Part I

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. --- Upon first glance, it's hard to tell the differences between David and Travis Wear. Upon second glance, it's not much easier. So you need to take a closer look at the two future Tar Heels.

The identical twin rising seniors from Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei -- who committed to North Carolina earlier this year -- aren't completely identical.

How do you physically tell them apart?

David is 6-10 ½ and 223 pounds, with more muscle definition and a longer face. Travis is 6-10 and 230 pounds, with a thicker upper body and a more rounded face.

"Somewhere along the line he gained a couple more pounds, but I'm catching up," David said.

How do their personalities differ?

"He's more messy and I'm more organized," David said.

But in terms of on-the-court abilities, the differences are more difficult to distinguish

"Both of our games are so similar on the court, it's tough for me to try and differentiate," David said.

Travis, however, sees differences not in skills, but in playing styles.

"We're the same at everything, it's just that we like doing different stuff," he said. "I think I put the ball on the ground a little bit more than he does and like to try and drive by my defender. Dave looks for his shot a little bit more without putting the ball down. If he's facing up the defender, he'll look to stroke it whereas I'll try to get by him."

Above all else, they both have legit post player size, a face-up game with range out to the arc and sound fundamentals and basketball smarts across the board.

And they are very competitive, especially when playing each other.

Thursday night at the NBPA Top 100 Camp, as they walked onto the court with opposing teams, they both fought back smiles upon realizing they'd be guarding each other. Those smiles were short lived. As soon as the game began, the battle was on.

It was as aggressive as either had been all week – and they both did their share of jawing at each other.

Of course, there's some history. The two have waged epic one-on-one battles.

"All the one-on-one games kept ending up in a fight -- fist fights almost," David recalled. "My dad would have to break it up and say no more. … It'd start getting more physical and more physical and then we'd just be hacking each other every time we went to the hole and pretty soon it was enough is enough."

Travis added, "We'd get pissed at the other one for scoring and do a hard move and catch him with an elbow and then it'd be on."

After the one-on-one games took a much-needed hiatus, they resumed with a more mature approach.

"We took it easy for a while," David said. "We both have matured and we realized we need to play one-on-one to get better."

Travis offered a similar sentiment: "Since we've gotten older, it's been more professional and we try to make each other better."

There were no near fist fights during Thursday night's head-to-head battle, but it was quite clear that their competitive fire toward each other is still ever present.

Stay tuned for Part II and Part III ...

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